LSU Quarterback Position Up For Auction

All Qualified Applicants Please Apply

Qualifications required for the LSU Quarterback position:

  1. Must be breathing.
  2. Must have played at least one football game in your life.
  3. Must be able to grip, hold, and complete a 5 yard pass.
  4. Should not be colorblind.

If you do not qualify for all four, send in your application anyway. If nobody else applies, you will still get the position. WE ARE DESPERATE!

Jarret Lee throws 4 more interceptions versus Alabama.

This brings his total for the season to a whopping 18.

In my opinion Jarret Lee single-handedly lost the Alabama game for LSU. He consistently makes poor decisions when throwing the football. Some of these throws remind me of Jamarcus Russell constantly throwing the ball into traffic. Although there is one key difference between the two quarterbacks. Jamarcus could actually hit his targets. Jarrett Lee's passing ability is horrid. He struggles to complete screen passes without complications.

He is only 19 and nerves might have something to do with it, but this is Division 1 football. The Tigers need to get a football player in there fast, because it is a shame that a quality team has to put their fate into the hands of a guy who cannot protect the football.

Jarrett Lee

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Please don't put me in.O.k. now what?Better work on my tackling.How many pick 6's is that? I lost count.
Please don't put me in.
Please don't put me in.
O.k. now what?
O.k. now what?
Better work on my tackling.
Better work on my tackling.
How many pick 6's is that? I lost count.
How many pick 6's is that? I lost count.

LSU Quarterback Dilemma

Jarrett Lee was recruited out of Texas as one of the top 3 recruits from the state. He was placed on the red shirt list last season because he was so young, and was playing behind Andrew Hatch, Ryan Perriloux, and Matt Flynn.

Now that Flynn has graduated, Hatch injured for the year, and Perriloux booted from the team Jarrett Lee has control of the team. I just wish he had control over where he throws the football.The Tigers have lost three games this season in very disappointing fashion because Lee cannot complete, even a short pass without issues.

Jarrett Lee leads the NCAA with sixth interceptions returned for touchdowns.Lets hope that Les Miles puts Jordan Jefferson in to get some playing time before next year.

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