Lance Armstrong Boston Marathon

Lance Armstrong finishes Boston Marathon in 2:50:58

Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot won the men's race in 2:07:46, missing the course record he set by just 32 seconds. He became the fourth man to win Boston four times, joining American great Bill Rogers.

Armstrong, running together with 50 Livestrong 'teammates,' is raising funds and awareness for his Lance Armstrong Foundation, known around the world as Livestrong. This was Armstrong's first Boston Marathon; he's finished the New York City Marathon twice. Participants in that race raised more than US$500,000 in November 2007.

According to sources close to Armstrong, a professional triathlete before he became a bicycle racer, the Texan stepped on a piece of coral about a month ago which gave him a foot injury and slowed his training down a bit. He added he pushed the pace a bit too hard in the middle of the Boston race, mostly due to the excitement of being there and ended up paying for it in the final four to five miles. Compared to the New York City course, Armstrong also mentioned he felt more "boxed in" but the crowds along the course were unbelievable.

Armstrong said he plans to run the New York City Marathon again this fall.

Lance Armstrong Finishes Boston Marathon in 488th Place

Lance Armstrong finished 488th in the 2008 Boston Marathon, marking his first time in the annual marathon.

Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France champion and cancer survivor, competed in the marathon with over 25,000 runners. Armstrong, who finished the race in 2 hours, 50 minutes, 58 seconds, is raising funds and awareness for his Lance Armstrong Foundation, known around the world as Livestrong.

Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya won the men's race of the marathon with a time of 2 hours, 7 minutes, 46 seconds, while Dire Tune of Ethiopia won the women's race. Tune, who edged out Alevtina Biktimirova for the win, finished in 2 hours, 25 minutes, 25 seconds.

Lance on Heartbreak Hill

Lance Finishing

After the Race

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chris little 8 years ago

lance need to work on ur attire

justin Hawkins 8 years ago

Nice to se that although lance is a bike rider he can say that the marathon is actually the hardest thing he has done. Also, it is quite impressive that after only three marathons he has run 2:50...

ram Vemuri 8 years ago

once an athlete always an athlete. truly great.

Sarah Marie profile image

Sarah Marie 8 years ago from Boston, MA

I live right along the marathon route. He definately had quite the entourage running with him! Definately a fun day to live in Boston!

Shasta Cascade profile image

Shasta Cascade 8 years ago from 1699 Highway 273, Anderson, CA 96007

He is just amazing

Scott 8 years ago

Lance is the man. He is mentally tough, and has an amazing heart.

Lightstruck profile image

Lightstruck 8 years ago from Denver

Lance Armstrong is the true definition of a champion and one of greatest athletes we have ever seen.

Boss Number 1 profile image

Boss Number 1 8 years ago from Stayton, OR

His ability to be successful in multiple sports is amazing...with the number of slow twitch muscle fibers he has and his unbelievable VO2 max, I bet he could be a real marathon contender if he wanted to pursue it professionally.

Bob 8 years ago

People tend to forget that Lance has a history of success as a triathlete. He won two junior national triathlon championships (1989, 1990) before he went into cycling full time.

Doug K 8 years ago

Great that Lance does marathons for a good cause. I wish my friends and I from MN would have gotten that mych attention when we finished Boston in the 2:30 range.

erlybird 8 years ago

What is wrong with the attire? Looks fine to me.

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