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Debbie noticed that her husband Buddy was not his usual chipper self when he returned home from his annual doctor visit.

“Buddy what did the doctor tell you today dear?” Debbie asked him. “I have to quit playing golf.” “The doctor told you to quit playing golf?” “ No, the doctor told me that there is nothing he can do about my failing eyesight. I cant see the ball anymore Debbie.” Debbie thought a moment, “Buddy I have an idea, why don’t you take your brother Henry with you when you golf next time?” she suggested. “Henry? He is 4 years older than I am!” exclaimed Buddy. “I know Buddy, but his eyesight is still great.” Henry thought a moment then said, “You are right, he can be my eyes and tell me where the ball lands.”

The next week Buddy and Henry went out to the golf course. It was a beautiful day. Buddy was so excited.

As he prepared himself, he turned to Henry, “Henry your watching aren’t you?” Henry said, “Yep.” Buddy said “I am about to swing, are you ready?” “ Yep.” replied Henry. “OK Henry you watch now.” Buddy drew back his club and swung, it was art work! “You see the ball Henry?” “Yep.” “ Can you still see it?” “Yep.” “Did you see it land?” “Yep.” “This is great!” Said Buddy. He and Henry got into the golf cart. “Henry you did see the ball land right?” “Yep.” Henry replied. “OK lets go, where did it land Henry?” Henry didn’t say a word. “Henry, did you or did you not see the ball land?” Henry nodded yes. “Well? Where did it land?” Henry scratched his head and said, “I forgot”

Got a Joke?


Laughter is good medicine. God loves us and wants us to be happy. He calls is JOY.

If you would like to know if God is Real try the God is Real experiment, go to

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