Like a Platypus to Water


Mention the word “platypus” and those who know a little about the animal kingdom will think of a small, rather odd-looking, semi-aquatic mammal from the eastern extremes of Australia.

Those of a slightest more naturalist bent might also be able to tell you that the platypus, often strangely further defined as the “duck-billed platypus” although there is only one variety in any event, is one of only five living species of monotreme, that is a mammal that actually lays eggs.

Another lesser known fact about the platypus is that it is venomous, sporting a spur on its hind foot that is capable of inflicting severe pain upon humans or any other potential predators or suspected bringers of ill will.

Europeans first encountered the platypus in 1798 and Captain John Hunter, Governor of New South Wales, sent a pelt back to the United Kingdom. At first British scientists thought it was a hoax. Robert Knox believed it might have been manufactured by an Asian taxidermist. It was believed that somebody had stitched a duck's beak to the body of a beaver-like mammal.

Today We Know Differently

Of course, today we know differently. What many may not be aware of though is that as well as being the name of a curious and fascinating Antipodean mammal, Platypus is also the name of a manufacturer of essential outdoor equipment for climbers, hikers and sundry seekers of adventure.

Much of the produce supplied by Platypus is in the line of water storage and water carrying equipment, no doubt taking up the aquatic theme from the animal of the same name. Water tanks, filters, insulators and other essential items are all available for those whose enthusiasm is for walking and climbing.

Platypus - Platy Bottle
Platypus - Platy Bottle

The Flexible and Practical Platy Bottle

One particularly useful piece of outdoor gear by Platypus is this simple Platy Bottle. This is a flexible, lightweight portable bottle that can be rolled or squashed, frozen or inflated. Its essential quality beyond its enviable durability is the fact that it takes up far less space than a hard bottle and weighs some 80 per cent less when empty. Space and mass are of course at a premium to walkers and others who may need to carry considerable amounts of equipment when out pursuing their pastime.

Despite being compact and so incredibly light the Platy Bottle has a volume of two litres, allowing for generous quantities of fluid to be transported, although filling it to the brim is of course only an option. It leaves no foreign taste and is a highly durable vehicle that can be used time and again.


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