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Liverpool Rocking 16 Ounces

Yes!! We are talking about England’s finest soccer teams, THE LIVERPOOL. John Houlding, the founder of the club would have wished 200 years of life after having seen unexpected pride and honor the club received. The history of more than 100 years is fair enough to put any other club to shame. Unmatchable in every respect but for those who believe in statistics, here are some facts:

The scoreboard

  • League Champions 18 times
  • FA Cup Winners 7 times
  • League Cup Winners 7 times
  • European Cup Winners 5 times
  • UEFA Cup Winners 3 times

Liverpool FC History

Most of the teams try to get into the top ranks but “this one” agonizingly for many just stays at the top. Since 1992, after the set up of the Premier League it has always been the force to reckon. Most of the English clubs have been dusted by the LIVERPOOL having won major domestic and European titles.

It has been a continuous “Spring Season” since last four months for the team as they have secured each Champions League Football under Rafa Benitez. They were third in the 2006-2007 season and got into the finals of the Champions League though were beaten by AC Milan by a narrow margin of 2-1. They lost to Chelsea last time and were fourth in the competition.

A stadium crowded by “three wise men” only led to the formation of the Liverpool Football Club on 15th March 1892 by John Houlding. Everton would have been the name but LIVERPOOL was destined to be famous and it was. 1901 witnessed the beginning of that journey when they managed to win their first title. The club entered the GOLDEN AGE in the year 1959 under Bill Shankly. The club was promoted to the First Division in 1962 and no one have has managed to topple them ever since.

They secured the title in 1964 and 1966 and cherry on the cake was their first ever FA Cup final victory

Paisley led Liverpool to 21 trophies including three European Cups, six League Titles, a Uefa Cup, and three League Cups.

Joe Fagan rode the wave of Liverpool and led the team to the European Cup, League title, and League Cup in his first season after joining in 1983.

Soccer Rivalry
Soccer Rivalry

The Rivalry : Liverpool vs. Everton

“Two Neighbors” either can live in absolute harmony or are the best of rivals. In this case it has been the rivalry between the two teams which has benefited the game the most. The close proximity of these two clubs has divided the loyalties between friends and families too. Both the clubs have always been strong but the Liverpool always enjoyed the edge over the Everton.

The Heysel Disaster
Competitive spirit between any two teams doesn’t do any harm until it turns into hateful in nature and that’s what happened on that fateful day of 29th May 1985. 39 People lost their lives in the Heysel Stadium. The game that was the reason of joy for the people turned into a mourning nightmare in a matter of time. The European Cup Final witnessed the rioting between the Juventus and Liverpool fans in Italy.

English Clubs were banned from the European Competitions indefinitely and Everton suffered the most. After having won the league title Everton was just well prepared to overtake the Liverpool as the best European side but “Alas!” they were there, well…almost.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United

Both the clubs hail from the North West England and considered as the best rivals in the sport. The most competitive and successful teams have won 75 titles between them.

Mercedes or BMW, which one is the best performer? It is as difficult a task to judge one of these two teams. Both of them are “Head to Head” and no one has shown any signs of perishing away and giving way to the other. So, without churning the mind much let’s straight get into the technical details.

Steven Gerard
Steven Gerard

Steven Gerard

The 28 year old Midfielder for the LIVERPOOL FC is the backbone of this top ranked English Premier Club. Born in Whiston, Merseyside, Steven made his English Premier League debut in 1998 on November 28 as a substitute for Vegard Heggern against Black Burn Rovers. It was more like a “Substitute Season” for the English Footballer who made 13 appearances in his Debut Season filling up the midfield position for his injured captain Jamie Redknapp. But he couldn’t live to up to his own potential due to the scrambled time he spent on the field and somewhat early nervousness as a debutant.

Steven Gerrard scored his first senior goal in a 4 – 1 victory over Sheffield but as he was set to launch himself at the international stage the brakes were put on by the nagging back problems and groin injuries that required four separate operations.

International Debut

Steven George Gerrard made his international debut on 31st May in 2000 against Ukraine.

First Goal

Gerrard scored his first international goal against Germany in a 2002 World Cup qualifier as England beat Germany 5-1.

Thumbs Ups & Downs!

All those nagging injuries had shelved Gerrard until late November in 2005 and then he returned to score in the last five minutes of a Champions League Group Stage match and spoiled the Olympiacos FC party and advanced Liverpool to the knock out Round.

For Once Gerrard spoiled his own team’s party as well when he netted an own goal during the 2005 League Cup Final as Liverpool went down to Chelsea 3-2.

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