Lure Fishing Tips and Techniques

One of the appealing things about lure fishing is that you have to keep both your body and your mind mobile; if you slip into a mindless, automatic way of fishing, then you are not going to catch much at all.

Always try to travel light. The rod, reel, perhaps a landing net, and a light hag with hires and accessories are really all you need. Don't weigh yourself down with too much equipment, because you'll become less and less enthusiastic about moving, and it's only by searching that you'll locate the fish. If it's winter time, dress warmly, with something to cover your head, and you're ready to fish.

As a general rule, if you're not getting any action, then move on. Search all likely areas and if there's no joy, either fish aren't present or they're not feeding. A generalization I know, but it's all you can really do. Conversely, if you once hit a single fish - whether landed or not - then do stay put for a while and give the area a real working over. Although we don't think of pike, for example, as proper shoaling fish, you will tend to find that a number of specimens will often hole up together and form a tight group. This doesn't always happen, but any success is worth exploring further.

What features are we looking for? Basically, you've just got to put yourself into the mindset of a predator. Imagine that you are the creature mounting an ambush on a passing shoal offish. You will need cover. Perhaps you'll shelter behind a bridge support, or in the deep, dark water on a bend. Obviously you would want to make use of reed and weedbeds, lilies, sunken boats -anything that breaks up your menacing form and renders you as invisible as possible.

Remember this when you are casting your lure. Try to place it as accurately as possible, and as close as you can to the various structures that you have in mind. Work your lure for as long as possible, along a reed bed, for example, or past some sunken pilings.

Don't rush anything... give an uncertain predator time to make its mind up. The more you think about what you are doing, the more you experiment, the more you walk and the more places you try, the greater your chances of success.

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