MMA Gloves – Top Five Manufacturers

There are many companies who produce high quality mma gloves. MMA gloves are designed to be used in a professional MMA fight like UFC. Here are the top five MMA glove manufacturers of this time.

Combat MMA Gloves

Combat is first on the list. They are the largest selling company of MMA fighting gloves. When you buy a Combat MMA clothing set, this pair is included. They offer a wide range of gloves designed for professional fighting. This includes gloves for sparring, bag, hybrid, and so on. They are of good design and also made with high quality pads.

Everlast MMA Gloves

When you hear the brand Everlast, you would think of boxing. However, they are now making gloves for MMA fighting. Everlast is a known brand for gloves that are of good quality and these gloves are made of good materials for the protection of the hands and knuckles of the fighter. They are now making MMA gears, gloves, and clothing. Like the Combat MMA gloves, they also offer a wide range of gloves for sparring, grappling, and so on.

Comparing Boxing and MMA Gloves

Fairtex MMA Gear

Fairtex is also a known manufacturer of MMA gears like clothing and gloves. They make good gloves that are durable and comfortable for the fighter when going through intense training and breathtaking fights. If you want a pair of MMA Sparring Gloves, you can choose Fairtex simply because their gloves are compressed and of high density. This means that when you use Fairtex MMA gloves when hitting the bag, you will feel comfort and durability. You will not hurt your hands when taking on the bag when using Fairtex MMA gloves.

Throwdown MMA Gloves

Throwdown is a manufacturer of high quality and great looking MMA gloves. These gloves are also effective when the fighter is training or fighting in the ring. Their gloves are usually made for leather and they make gloves for amateurs, professionals, and even women. They also make a specific pair of gloves for heavy bag training. Also, they produce high quality clothing and gear.

Century MMA Gloves

When you want gloves with great flexibility and good protection, the Century MMA gloves is the best choice for you. They produce gloves with padding that will not only protect the hands and knuckles of the fighter but also to knock their opponents down cold. The Century MMA gloves are widely used by professional fighters in the UFC. They also produce good quality gears and clothing for the MMA fighter.

Mixed Martial Arts Training Manuals and Books

These are the top five manufacturers of MMA gloves. When you choose the right gloves for you, be sure that you are comfortable wearing it. Choosing any of the five will give you the best comfort, protection, and durability that you are looking for on MMA gloves. The five manufacturers also make MMA clothing and gears for you to have a complete set.

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