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MLS Major League Soccer USA
MLS Major League Soccer USA

MLS | Major League Soccer

Apart from the Olympics and the World Cup, The Major League Soccer is also one of those tournaments that draw major crowds.
This League for the top professionals is based in the USA which began its journey in 1996 and is governed by USSF and that is United States Soccer Federation.
15 teams participate in total. 14 are from USA and 1 from Canada.


• The season continues for 8 months (March to November). All the 15 teams have been divided into Eastern (7) and Western (8) Conferences.

• 30 games are played in total but two games are intra-conference matches to highlight geographic and conference rivalries.

• Therefore, the tournament comprises of 28 games in total. Each team has to play the other team twice, one home and the other away match.


Few changes were introduced to make the tournament more interesting and challenging which helped the tournament in grasping the benefits in terms of finance and talent. The League invested in the “bench strength”. Youth were provided with a chance to play with the senior players so as to enrich their experience. League’s talent gradually improved and it also benefited the team financially in the form of transfer fees as the “home grown” talent went to play for other teams.

Designated Player Rule
Salary Cap was removed. Now the clubs could pay heavily to the players on their own expense, which gave way to the likes of David Beckham, Juan Pablo Angel, Cauhtemoc Blanco and Guillermo Barros Schelotto further taking the tournament to greater level.


Orchestral Anthem
Performed before every regular season game.

Orchestral Chorus Version
Performed with a Chorus before the MLS All-Star Game and MLS Cup.

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