Mares Spearguns

Introduction to Mares Spearguns

In addition to top of the line scuba diving gear, Mares spear guns provide an excellent source of adventure for experiencing the thrill of an underwater hunt. Employing spear guns to secure an underwater catch is not easy. Learning to move underwater is the first challenge, as any scuba diver can attest to. A wetsuit or dry suit, a buoyancy compensator, air tank and diving belt adds some bulk. Additionally, looking through the lenses of a diving mask at a fish even ten or twenty feet away is going to be distorted. Like any other hunt, you also have to learn your quarry. Sound, vibrations, and scents can all travel through water and alert your prey. And finally it takes knowledge of your equipment, practice, and most of all respect for your quarry to make a clean kill. Mares spear guns are produced to ensure that equipment failure is the least of your concerns.

More on Mares Spear Guns

Mares spearguns offer a wide variety of both pneumatic (air-powered) and band-powered spear guns.  The larger band powered spear guns can accommodate one to three bands and are typically sold with the 16mm or 19mm bands.  Varying the number of bands used generates a variance in power and range making these Mares spear guns more versatile, but due to their length they are still best used in open water.  The pneumatic spear guns vary greatly in length.  The Mares Sten Mini Speargun boasts a total length of 16.5 inches while the Mares Cyrano 970 Speargun boasts a total length of 39 inches.

Speargun Fishing Video

Speargun Fishermen Respect the Water

As a word to underwater spear hunters it should be understood to respect the fish and the underwater ecosystem.  For this, learn to use the spear gun correctly and how to configure it to match the conditions you are hunting in.  If the spear head falls out of the fish, you then leave a mutilated fish to dart off in even greater danger of predation.  The object it to kill as few fish as possible with human error.  Knowing that there are a variety of unique conditions that arise in underwater hunting, Mares spear guns develop their spear guns and spear gun accessories interchangeably to closely match your hunting ground.  For open water and long range spear fishing, choose a longer length.  For hunting in confined spaces or in kelp beds where range will be shorter, choose a shorter length.  As a general rule, the longer the length, the greater the range.

Note on Speargun Regulations

Remember to check with any local regulations before you get your gear underwater.  Certain locales place bans on a variety of spear gun accessories, will place restrictions on which waters are open to underwater spear fishing, or will limit the number of licenses granted for underwater spear fishing.  With due respect for gaming laws and the underwater habitat, Mares spear guns can open up a whole new world of underwater adventure for divers.  If you are very concerned about the local regulations for speargun fishing, check the link further down the page for more info on speargun fishing regulations and where to find more information on this topic.

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