Medicus Dual Hinge Driver For The Perfect Swing

The Medicus dual hinge driver is one of the best-selling golf teaching aids ever. There have been over 1 million Medicus drivers sold and is the number one recommended by golf pros.

The PGA endorses this product to help you learn to correct and perfect new swing. The driver was created by professional golfer Bob Koch to help everyone to learn to love the game of golf.

What the product does is help you to correct six different parts of your swing to make sure that you are able to hit the ball in a straight line with power. If you do not hold, or swing, the club properly the hinges will pull apart and collapsed at the head. This lets you know instantly what part of your swing is weak and needs to be worked on.

The driver works on your backswing, making sure that you pull it back low and slow. If you try to get too fast, the hinge will come apart. This teaches you how to correctly learn to start the backswing, which is often one of the most difficult things to learn in golf.

The next step it teaches you to correct is the toe up. The club will break if you over or under rotate your wrists, which means snapping your wrists much like you do when you fish. It also helps keep your shoulders from rotating, and teaches the correct slope that you should have.

During the backswing, the hinges break once the club reaches the crest of this backswing, or near to this. It also teaches you how to correctly place the angle of the head since the hinges will also break if it is in the wrong position. The other reason that it can break in this position, is if your swing plane is too forward or back.

It also helps to train your arms to keep them close to the body instead of being pointed outwards, and it can also teach you to not push your elbows behind you. This helps maintain your position for the next step, which is where the power comes in. If you hold your arms at the wrong angle, the hinge will break which will help you learn to keep your arms in the proper position.

When you are ready to hit the ball, some golfers shift their weight to the back. If your center of balance is too far to the rear, the hinge will break. Any time the weight is shifted behind the club head, the hinge will break so that you can correct this. The proper position is known in golfing as the "stack and tilt" which moves the weight to the left or in the center, giving you the best position to hit the ball with power.

The last thing this club can help you learn is the proper follow-through technique. If you swing much like you do in baseball with the bat swinging loose behind your head, you lose distance when you hit the golf ball. The head will break based on the momentum of an improper ball through. But learning how to properly follow through, you will hit the ball straighter and for a far greater distance move that.

One word of caution, this club will feel off at first due to the increased weight. Many training clubs are slightly heavier than your normal club, and this can help you to drive your ball farther when you are playing a game. This club is strictly a training aid and cannot be used during a game.

The Medicus golf club will offer you instant feedback when you are hitting live balls. Any time you fail to meet one of the above points, the hinge will break making you have to reassemble a club say you know exactly which part of a step you to work on. This can be frustrating, especially for new golfers, but practice can make perfect and this driver will teach you that perfection.

This club this made with quality construction and will last you for many years. It comes with an instructional DVD and booklet (the combo comes with putter trainer), but that driver is simple enough that if they become lost you can still easily use the driver as it is intended. You can also use live balls and do not need any special training balls to use this driver.

The motto of the company is to teach basics through practice, education and proper training. They strive to make golfing fun and playable for everyone. This driver when used can teach you how to become an experienced player. No matter what your handicap is, this product will lower your scores. Obviously, you will have more impact to them if you are a high handicap player, but all players' levels of all skills will see the reduction in the amount of strokes use per game.

This driver comes in men's left or right handed clubs. There are also junior and women's clubs available for the right handed golfer. By practicing with the Medicus dual hinge driver you will learn to start out hitting the ball with power, distance and where you want it.

This driver is equally useful to the experienced golfer as is to the novice. If you develop bad habits, by practicing with this driver you can instantly start to correct these so that they do not become ingrained into your game. This can be especially useful for experienced players because if you are starting to see the strokes used per game rise, you can practice with this driver and find out where you have a weakness.

Aside from the endorsements, which are many from beginner golfers and professionals (including Mark O'Meara and Hank Haney), that cost may cause you to ponder on purchasing this aid. That cost is high, but the Medicus dual hinge driver does work as advertised and it will improve your swing which is why this company has had the number one swing trainer for seven years in a row.

Medicus Dual Hinge Drivers on Amazon

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