Medicus Golf Club - Is It Hype Or Is It Real?

Are you wondering if the Medicus golf club can improve your golf swing? From my own personal experience, it is the best golf training aid on the market outside of getting lessons from a pro. In this article, I will provide you with some information to help you make an informed decision.

The Medicus dual hinge driver is a serious tool that will significantly improve your accuracy and distance.. It is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced training aids that can improve your golf swing skills in a short time.

It's got a special dual hinge technology that makes this golf swing trainer the ideal tool to help develop your swing and enhance your consistency on the golf course. We're going to be reviewing the features of this swing trainer and discuss how the technology and design may improve your game.

Many accessories can be purchased for the Medicus golf club. However, some may be free depending on the training aid you choose. Independently, they can improve other flaws you may have in your golf swing. So let's get down to the debate right now.

This extraordinary invention will definitely help to improve your consistency, accuracy and distance. If you go by the numbers, it's the number one golf training accessory in the world. Over half a million newbie's and pros use this swing trainer to enhance their golf skills. There are many other golf swing trainers out their including the Refiner, however there is nothing like the Medicus.

The concept behind the Medicus is to help you develop the correct the swing plane and tempo. The Medicus dual hinged technology helps you to attain this by breaking down when the club is swung incorrectly. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW! This gives you instant feedback to let you know if you are swinging the club wrong way or the right way. You will be able to immediately detect where the flaws are in your swing. After practicing with the Medicus golf club, you will be able to use your regular clubs to strike the ball harder, firmer and with more power too.

Gimmick or Not?

It may seem like a sales gimmicks, however this club actually will help you swing better. I am proof that it works. Also, it is endorsed by world renowned golf instructor Hank Haney and pro golfer Mark O'Meara. And so that you know precisely how it works, you are provided with a training DVD. Get this club and you'll quickly fix those hooks and slices that you see many golfers have struggled with.

You can practice with the Medicus golf club anywhere including on the driving range or at home. You actually hit real golf balls with it. The main reasons for its success is that it builds muscle memory for golf, which suggests you just become used to swinging it on the correct plane over time when you practice.

There are many varieties of the club for all levels of play including a driver, an iron, a putter trainer, the Power Maximus weighted club and also the Stack and Tilt training videos. The Medicus golf club has been a tested swing trainer over the years, and that's why so many individuals around the world can believe in it.

Medicus Golf Club Video

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Parshooters 6 years ago

Nice article. I have both the Medicus and Momentus. They both are great for training the memory and building strength with regards to your golf swing mechanics. The Momenus is a great club for warming up before practicing or playing. It loosens up your hitting muscles. You do have to be careful from pulled or straining muscles.

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