Metal Detectors Treasure Hunting

Treasure Is Where You Find It

I ask you, is there anyone alive whose pulse doesn’t go up when they hear the phrase “treasure hunting?”

Hunting for buried treasure or hidden treasure is as old as mankind, I imagine. What child doesn’t love to hunt Easter eggs, for example? What is gold prospecting, if not grown men and women chasing over the hills and in the rivers searching for that elusive thing called gold? Treasure indeed.

But our modern era has added a new wrinkle to the age old search: metal detectors treasure hunting. That marvel of modern technology that can read the ground and “squeal” when it discovers the treasure’s hiding place. Whether it is gold or old coins, they are no longer safe from the person with the right machine who knows how to operate it correctly.

How I Got Bitten By The Treasure Bug

I was infected when I was in grade school. Our church held an annual carnival on church grounds, replete with a variety of activities and games for young and old. I really liked the penny toss, not because I was any good at it, but I liked it for later, like the next day, when everything was cleared out.

I noticed that pennies often bounced off the wide mouth bottles and flipped into the grass surrounding the blanket. So the next day was a treasure hunt for my brother and me. On hands and knees, we would carefully comb the grass and find the errant coins, pockets full of ‘em.. Remember, this was in the days of penny candy. We had hit the mother lode.

Some years later, when the state fair booths were still being set up on the greensward, we did the same thing. It was pretty easy to see the outlines where the various booths had stood. Carefully parting the grass around the perimeters was good for some nice pocket change.

Metal Detector Mania

Ah, the thrill of the chase. During the 70's, I bought a White’s metal detector and went after buried coins. Now I was high tech, and boy, what a difference it made! Of course, I found what every detector hunter finds: tons of junk like bottle caps, house keys, rusted pocket knives, bullets, even live ammo once in a while. You had to pay some attention to what you were digging.

But I found plenty of little treasures too, lots of wheaties (pennies), an occasional ring or others pieces of jewelry. My favorite finds were silver coins, dimes and quarters and some World War
II silver nickels. My best silver was an old Barber dime. None of these were particularly rare, but I didn’t care. I found them myself, and that was what mattered.

Where Do I Search For Buried Treasure?

Fortunately for treasure hunters, there are plenty of places they can search for old coins, war relics, jewelry and so on (not to mention gold nuggets). Our own private yards, if our houses are old enough, may contain a treasure trove of stuff. You can’t know until you try. I recently bough a new metal detector and I hit my yard first thing. The previous owner had children, a good source for lost coins. I found coins all over the place, including on silver Roosevelt dime. My house is only about 50 years old.

Ask your friends and neighbors for permission. The key thing to remember is to be neat and tidy, digging no bigger than necessary and carefully replacing the soil and turf so there is no permanent damage.

Schoolyards are great places to search, as are parks (where permitted). Abandoned houses, old home sites, fields that were once small pioneer settlements, old Civil War encampments - the list can grow quite large. Needless to say, always get permission first.

Some metal detector users are into cache hunting. During the Great Depression of the 1930's, people grew to distrust banks. They often put their silver and gold coins in fruit jars and buried them around the farm. “Posthole banks” were popular, and some are still being discovered even today. In the old gold mining towns, the sub-surface ground often served as the resting place for the miner’s treasure. He didn’t always live long enough to retrieve the fruits of his labor.

Where To Buy Metal Detectors

One of the great things about modern metal detectors is that good ones can be had fairly inexpensively. The metal detector I bought recently cost me less than the one I got in the 70's and is a much better machine to boot. So if anyone is asking, where can I buy a metal detector, the answer is - check online. There are a lot of cheap but trustworthy brands and models for two hundred or less that will serve you just fine.

A good gold detector will cost you more, as gold in general is a little harder to find with a metal detector. So gold detectors are a special breed, even though there are some gold detectors that also work okay for coins.

Read the customer reviews and take your pick. Your adventure awaits. Go for it!

Read the coin hunting forums, too, to see how others are doing. This will help educate you and get your blood stirred up.

By the way, hunting treasure with a metal detector makes a great father and son activity

Finding Coins In A Virgin Fairground

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sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

Interesting. My husband and I had bought a metal detector last year. We haven't found much with it yet. It's hard to find places that will let you search. Good luck with your prospecting!

Edwin Brown 5 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Thank you. I failed to mention that ocean beaches and river swimming holes are also good places to search.

And lake beaches where people fish and swim.

sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

Thank you Edwin, am going to give it another try when the weather gets a little warmer. :)

Mike 4 years ago

My place in Pune, India has 50 you wanna give it a go ?

there are huge hiden treasures to be unearthed.

We dont have any good treasure hunting machine in india though :(

best of luck,


Edwin Brown 4 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Well, Mike, I would love to come and search India for treasure, but I am afraid my budget would not allow it. I don't even spend as much time here in the US as I should. Life has lots of challenges.

Will Amazon ship to India? Surely there are some retailers, even in India, that carry American goods. But, you might have to pay more than here.

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