Mexican Wrestling Masks - Lucha Libre Masks

Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling Masks

Lucha Libre Wrestling

Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling Masks.

Wrestling has for a long time been a popular sport worldwide. Continually growing and expanding it has become a hugely popular and successful source of entertainment.

In Mexico wrestling is immensely popular with their own form of wrestling called Lucha Libre, or free fighting in English. From its beginnings in the early part of the 20th century it too has grown and developed in scope and popularity. Mexican wrestlers are often now seen in mainstream American comercial wrestling shows.

The main difference in Lucha Libre is that all wrestlers wear masks (mascaras) to hide their identities. Even when not wrestling and out in public wrestlers will often wear their masks to conceal themselves.

An exciting part of the scene is that every Luchadore will have their own unique Mexican wrestling mask and these are often available to purchase at venues making them a great way to support your favourite wrestler.

Due to their amazing unique designs they are popular to collect and use for dressups and costumes. They make a great impact at a dress up party, and kids always love them also.

Made up of 'Technicos' and 'Rudos' alike, (good guys and bad guys) Mexican wrestling is a dazzling experience with flamboyant moves and amazing rope and team work. Certainly an experience to see them in action live with the place be in one of the numerous Mexico City venues.

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