Michael Phelps Breaks Golf Record

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s sports’ superman? Or, one hell of a lucky amateur golfer. In any case, Michael Phelps was obviously born to break professional sports records as he showed on Friday, October 5, at the European Tour’s Alfred Dunhill amateur celebrity and pro golf competition at St. Andrews, Scotland.

If it wasn’t enough to garner 18 gold medals and 22 medals total in the swimming category at the Olympics, Phelps, whose been coached by Hank Haney (who coached the likes of Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara), flew into Tiger Woods territory when he holed a 159 foot putt while he was playing off a handicap of sixteen.

He led the ball to the front edge of the green, then at the Kingsbarn, he shot into the par-4 sixth hole, then sunk a second shot putt to become a part of history, and best even Terry Wogan’s lengthy 99-foot putt at Gleneagles in 1981.

“A 50-yard putt! That was the longest putt I've ever holed so it was pretty incredible and watching it die in was a cool feeling. To be able to have a net hole-in-one was special but even without that this trip has been even more special. Just having the opportunity to come over here and play among these players on these courses is incredible," Michael Phelps told UPI nonchalantly.

His partner the pro-golfer and Tiger Woods’ competitor, Paul Casey, on the other hand, lost his ball to a dog.

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RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

RhondaHumphreys1 4 years ago from Michigan

I saw the replays of this the day he made it. It was a great shot. Voted up

PeppermintPaddy profile image

PeppermintPaddy 4 years ago from The vast expanse of creative space (my brain) Author

Yeah it was. Better than Tiger's, McIlroy's, a any number of golfers. It was astounding...either amateur luck or we're seeing a golf metalist.

Tom Rubenoff profile image

Tom Rubenoff 4 years ago from United States

A 159-foot putt! I wouldn't have thought he had that kind of focus. That is a one heck of a green, though. Hat's off to the groundskeepers.

PeppermintPaddy profile image

PeppermintPaddy 4 years ago from The vast expanse of creative space (my brain) Author

True, but he's an amateur which makes it particularly unlikely to happen. Well, he can switch to professional golfing if he's too tired to swim.

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