Michael Vick - Back in The NFL - Was His Punishment too Harsh?

Did Michael Vick's Punishment Fit His Crime

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So what now? Michael Vick has finished servings his 18 month sentence for dog fighting and various other charges brought upon him by the authorities. He is getting ready to resume his once illustrious NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Where does he go from here? Will he forever be stigmatized by his arrogant failure to admit that he actually knew what was going on at his dog farms?

Now, let me start by saying that I do like animals, not love them like some of you probably do, but I generally have a fondness for all God's creatures. Vick's actions, looked at in contrast to other celebrities mishaps, seems trivial when first looked at. Lets see, Vick - fought and killed animals, not people. Donte Stallworth - chose to drink and drive and ultimately took the life of another human being and served, get this, 24 days in jail. Now he does lose his drivers license in Florida for life and is under house arrest for two years, but he did kill someone. 18 months vs 24 days, does that seem fair? Lets look at Plaxico Buress for some more irony. Plaxico, didn't shoot or kill anyone else, just shot his own self. Whats his sentence you might ask, 2 years. How does this justice system work? I recall a few years back an NFL player drove through a sidewalk of people killing someone and got off scott free.

Ultimately Michael Vick's downfall was his inability to admit that he had done something wrong and his incredible bad luck of pissing off one of the most powerful lobbying segments of the United States, Pet Owners.


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