Michigan MMA Should Not Be Regulated

Michigan MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is becoming one of the biggest sports in the world. It is a combination of nearly every martial art ever created. Many young people watch mixed martial arts shows on television on a weekly basis. Many believe the sport will be the next NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. This has lead to the creation of hundreds of amateur mixed martial arts promotions in the United States. Each state has their own laws and regulations regarding the sport. Many states, such as Michigan, currently do not have any regulations or laws regarding amateur mixed martial arts.

There are tons of amateur mixed martial arts promotions popping up all over the state of Michigan. Many promoters began putting on shows solely for the purpose of making money. Michigan MMA can be very dangerous for the competitors if they are not taken care of medically. Since amateur cage fighting is not currently regulated by the state of Michigan, many people are lobbying for this claiming it is for the safety of the fighters.

The problem is that the state of Michigan knows very little about the sport. They do not understand the rules or how the sport should be run. The only benefit the state would get out of regulating the sport is increased debt they do not need. There have been several proposed house bills to regulate Michigan MMA.

The main problem most promoters should have with these bills is that every one of them suggests the promoter should pay for at least $10,000 of medical insurance for every fighter competing at an event. The state will want every promoter to purchase a license to put on shows that would costs around $300 a year. The state wants around $100 every time a show is put on. The state will force promoters to make sure every competitor has blood work done to make so one has Hepatitis or HIV.

While these points are all valid, the cost for a single promoter to pay for all of this is astronomical. The cost of insuring nearly 40 fighters for $10,000 of medical coverage would be $2,000 to $3,000 per event. This alone will be enough to shut down 95% of amateur cage fighting promotions in Michigan. While I think this would be a good idea, not all sports mandate that competitors be medically insured. It is the competitor's choice if they would like to compete and if they want health insurance that should be at their cost. Competitors must sign waivers signing off on their medical well being before stepping in the cage. No one is forcing them to fight. If they do not want to fight if the promoter will not cover them with medical insurance, they should not fight at all! It's really that simple!

Overhead Costs of an Average Michigan MMA Event

Please allow me to break down the costs of putting on an average Michigan MMA event.

Venue Rental: $800-$1,500

Insurance on the spectators/building: ~$400 per event

Security: ~$400 per event

Matchmaker: $700 - $1,000 per event

Cage/Sound Rental: ~$1,500 per event

Referee: ~$225 per event

Cage Side Doctor: ~$450 per event

Announcer: ~$225 per event

Ring Girls: $200 per event

Set Up/Take Down Crew: ~$400 per event

DJ/Sound Technician: ~$350 per event

Judges: ~$300 per event

Timekeeper: ~$100 per event

Ticket Takers/General Staff: ~$400 per event

Advertising: ~$1,000 per event

Gloves/Tape: ~$500 per event

Food/Water for Competitors: ~$300 per event

Sponsors: +~$300 per event

Ambulance/EMTs: ~$450 per event

Cost before Michigan Regulation: $8,500 overhead cost.

$10,000 Medical Insurance on 40 Competitors: $3,000

Blood Test (HIV/HEP A & C): $1,500

Event Fee: $100

State approved judges, referees and time keepers will undoubtedly be more expensive as well.

Promoter's License: $300/per year.

Cost after Michigan Regulation: ~$13,250 per event

Any promoter or fighter out there that thinks amateur MMA events consistently net over $13,000 per event in out of their mind. There are too many competing MMA promotions and not enough fighters. Michigan MMA regulation will END amateur mixed martial arts in the State of Michigan if it goes through.

To put these numbers into perspective lets do some math. In order to receive $13,250 promoters would have to sell at least 530 tickets at $25 per ticket per event. I have never been to an amateur MMA event where there have been 500 paying spectators. It will not happen. Michigan amateur MMA is supposed to be about exhibition and allowing young and upcoming fighters to showcase their skills before they turn professional. It is not something that is supposed to line the government's pockets with extra revenue for the state. Once again, the regulation of amateur Michigan MMA will end mixed martial arts in the state of Michigan.

How many boxing events have you been to lately? My guess would be zero. The reason is that the boxing commission (regulated by the state of Michigan) has so many fees that no one can afford to put on a boxing event without losing thousands of dollars. The same thing will happen to MMA if no one stands up and defends this incredible sport!

To recap: Michigan MMA should not be regulated by the state of Michigan because it will dramatically increase the cost of putting on an event. This will lead to promotions not putting on events anymore. This will end amateur mixed martial arts in the state of Michigan.

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