Micromax Asia Cup Bangladesh Vs Pakistan Final – Who Will Win?

Pakistan Will Like To Avenge Its 1971 Military Defeat Tomorrow

I Pray For a Bangladesh Win Tomorrow

I Pray For a Bangladesh Win Tomorrow
I Pray For a Bangladesh Win Tomorrow | Source

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Micromax Asia Cup Bangladesh Vs Pakistan Final – Who Will Win?

A markermirpur -
Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Micromax Asia Cup Bangladesh Vs Pakistan Final – Who Will Win?

Pakistan Soldiers Massacred Bangladesh Women and Children

Home Side versus Its Arch Enemy

One of the exciting moments of cricket is when the home side and its arch enemy are contesting in the final of an important tournament. This happens very rarely. In the 1987 World Cup, everybody expected a classic India-Pakistan final at Eden Gardens, Calcutta. But what resulted was a classic England-Australia final in which Australia won. But that was of no interest to the Indian crowd. Had that final taken place in Sydney or Lords, it would have been thrilling. Similarly the Sri Lanka-Australia final in the 1996 World Cup in Lahore was of little importance to the Pakistani public.

Pakistan Soldiers Massacred Bangladesh Women and Children

But tomorrow’s classic final between Bangladesh and Pakistan will be a match that has already generated tremendous interest in the sub-continent for historic reasons. Forty one years back in 1971, Pakistan soldiers committed unimaginable atrocities against Bangladesh people. Bangladesh women, children, aged people and others were brutally attacked. Women lost their honours. Pakistan soldiers smashed the heads of Bangladeshi children on the wall and killed them mercilessly. Even five months old babies were not spared. Blood flowed copiously in the Bangladesh streets and Pakistan soldiers jumped with joy. Pakistan soldiers also looted and destroyed the properties of the Bangladesh people. At this time, Indian soldiers entered Bangladesh at the invitation of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman’s Awami League party and crushed the Pakistani soldiers. Relief came to Bangladesh and India liberated East Pakistan as a new nation called Bangladesh.

Islamic Fundamentalists Are Trying To Merge Bangladesh with Pakistan

One may be wondering why in a cricket article I am mentioning history. In my opinion, one should not view cricket matches, the players and crowd’s responses and emotions in isolation. Without understanding the country’s history at least briefly, it is not possible to judge the mood of the people. That is why I have presented the brief history of the birth of Bangladesh. If you understand this history, you will know the animosity and antagonism of the ordinary Bangladesh people against Pakistan. There are Islamic fundamentalist organisations operating in Bangladesh which preach animosity against India because Hindus form the majority in India. These fundamentalist organisations are working in collusion with Pakistan for the assassination of their Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and are even working to merge Bangladesh with Pakistan once again. But their designs will not succeed as the majority of the Bangladesh people want to retain their independence and do not want to join Pakistan. They also want to maintain friendly ties with India.

Pakistan Will Like To Avenge Its 1971 Military Defeat Tomorrow

Tomorrow at the cricket stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka, the overwhelming majority of the crowd will be surcharged with the very thought that their side is participating in an important final of an important tournament. Everywhere it will be Bangladesh flags and shouts of ‘Bangladesh Zindabad’. But at the same time, one should not forget that Pakistan players will also have the same antagonism against Bangladesh. Pakistan people can never forget and forgive the fact that the people of their erstwhile East Pakistan preferred to secede from them and that too with the help of their arch enemy India. Pakistan people are seething in rage against Bangladesh than even against India. Forty one years back Pakistan tasted defeat in Dhaka against Bangladesh army Mukti Bahini aided by Indian soldiers. But tomorrow Pakistan will like to avenge that defeat by treating the cricket contest as a military warfare.

Imran Khan Was a Cheater and His Wickets Were Obtained Through Fraud

A bitter contest is on the cards tomorrow. Bangladesh crowd will like Pakistan to be crushed. Pakistan players want Bangladesh to be crushed. The contest promises an interesting sight for the spectators. On paper, both sides are equally poised to lift the Cup. Bangladesh batsmen like Tamim Iqbal, Jahrul Islam, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain and Mohammadullah are in good nick. Bangladesh is capable of chasing any total in any circumstances. They proved this against India and Sri Lanka. Tomorrow they are prepared to prove it against Pakistan. Pakistan actually possesses a reasonably good bowling. But the chinks in its armour were exposed by the Indians headed by Virat Kohli. There is also a doubt about the legality of Ajmal’s action while delivering doosrah and theesra. Many analysts are of the opinion that the Pakistan bowler is chucking while delivering the ball. Pakistan bowlers are capable of cheating. Imran Khan himself had admitted after his retirement in 1994 that he had tampered with the seam of the ball at times to get an unfair advantage to take wickets. Pakistan as a nation is a terrorist nation. Cheating with a cricket ball comes very easy to them. They do not have any conscience like players of other nations.

I Pray For a Bangladesh Win Tomorrow

Tomorrow it will suit well for Bangladesh to chase. But if it bats first, it has to put in at least 300 runs on the board to make sure that Pakistan finds it difficult to attempt the target. My prediction as well as wish is that Bangladesh will win the match. But at the same time I feel it may not be a one-sided contest. The match will produce a thrilling finish from the spectators’ point of view. Ideally it would have been nice if the match is fixed on a holiday or on a Sunday.

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Hamza 4 years ago

You my friend are less of a freelance journalist, more of a radical nationalist who states whatever pleases your own ideology! Stick to your day time actual job...and if this is your day time job better find a new profession!

Majority of Pakistan has better things to do then go into an eternal animosity with India & Bangladesh; and alot of Pakistanis were impressed and praised the Bangladesh Cricket teams effort & when India won against us we did the same thing. Its just people like you (Right wing idiots) in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh who would always make everything political; even the cricket match so as to move on with your pathetic lives!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Hamza,

I thank you for your valuable comments. Probably you are one among the few good people in Pakistan with a good heart. I salute you and respect you for that. We Indians want friendship with people like you and I am not against friends and broadminded people like you. My father and mother have lived in Pakistan for many years (when India was unified) and we still have friends in Karachi.

But when it comes to the Pakistan government, ISI, Pakistan Army and the Islamic fundamentalists, it is altogether a different affair. What they want is that India should break up. They are sponsoring terrorism in India in different parts. They want to kill Indians and satisfy their sadistic feelings. They are also against Bangladesh which was once a part of Pakistan. The Talibans are angry that the Bangladesh girls are getting education because they feel that giving education to girls is a blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammad and the Holy Koran. Even Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's assassination was a Pakistani plot.

Best wishes to you

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