Bangladesh Overpowers Sri Lanka and Enters Finals

Bangladesh in final

Tamim Iqbal’s Birthday Gift

Tamim Iqbal’s Birthday Gift
Tamim Iqbal’s Birthday Gift | Source

Bangladesh Overpowers Sri Lanka and Enters Finals

Sri Lanka Overpowered

I know that Bangladesh cricket has developed in the last one year since the World Cup because of the introduction of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Glimpses of their talent were visible in this Asia Cup tournament in its previous matches. But by overpowering Sri Lanka and entering the finals, Bangladesh proved that it is next to none in cricket.

The Manner in Which the Win Was Achieved Impressed All

It was not its victory over Sri Lanka alone that impressed me. It was the way in which the victory was achieved that was remarkable. Even till recently, Bangladesh would have collapsed even against a modest target. But yesterday they played united and brought off a remarkable win. There were several factors that were lined up against Bangladesh. Due to inclement weather and overcast sky, the atmosphere was heavy and favouring swing bowling. Kulasekara and Malinga were able to swing the ball appreciably and cause trouble to the Bangladesh batsmen. But Bangladesh batsmen overcame the challenge in style and scored runs in quick time.

Rain Affected Match

There was a threat of the rain washing out the entire match. But luckily for Bangladesh, the interruption of rain only caused mild discomfort for them in the sense that the target of 232 in 50 overs was pruned to 212 in 40 overs. I thought Bangladesh batsmen would struggle against the angular trajectory of Lasith Malinga. Even though Malinga did cause some discomfort to the Bangladesh batsmen, by and large Bangladesh did well against him.

Tamim Iqbal’s Birthday Gift

There was another hurdle for Bangladesh when its main batsmen Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan were back in the pavilion after doing remarkable service for their nations. But Nasir Hossain and Mohammadullah put down their heads and scored the needed runs without any fuss. It was Tamim Iqbal’s birthday and he received a wonderful gift on this occasion in the form of a win and a berth for his country in the finals against Pakistan. His contribution of a half century was priceless. No amount of praise is enough for Shakib Al Hasan for the way he batted and scored a half century. Deservedly, Shakib Al Hasan was declared the man-of-the-match. I was a little disappointed that during the presentation ceremony, he did not speak in Bengali. The crowd would have loved to hear him in their own language.

Crowd in the Stadium Cheered the Home Side

The Bangladesh crowd in the stadium got a very good entertainment. Throughout, they cheered their side to the tilt. When Tharanga hit a six (the only six from Sri Lanka), there was a pin drop silence. But when Bangladesh batsmen scored even a single, there were thunderous cheers. Bangladesh players did not disappoint their crowd. They deserve all praise and congratulations.

Pakistani Terrorists Target Sheikh Hasina

Pakistani Terrorists Target Sheikh Hasina
Pakistani Terrorists Target Sheikh Hasina | Source

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Micromax Asia Cup Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka Cricket ODI

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Micromax Asia Cup Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka Cricket ODI

Micromax Asia Cup Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka Cricket ODI

Sri Lanka Decided To Gift This Match to Bangladesh

Sri Lanka never put in any spirited performance in the match. Their batting was without efforts except from Tharanga. Their fielding was shoddy. They conceded many runs through their poor fielding. Sri Lanka bowlers lacked penetration and bowled many balls on the leg side which could be easily hit for boundaries or went as leg byes. Malinga never attempted to bowl his famous Yorkers. It looked as though Sri Lanka had decided on the eve of the match to gift this match to Bangladesh as they had no stake in the game. Even if it is true, it cannot distract the good performance of the Bangladesh batsmen and bowlers. They deserved to go to the finals.

Virat Kohli, a Player of International Standards

It is sad that India had been eliminated in the competition. But Indians can have satisfaction from this tournament on several counts. Sachin Tendulkar completed his well deserved hundredth century and has been relieved from all the pressure and tension on him. Rohit Sharma came to form during this tournament. Indians discovered Virat Kohli, a player of international standard in this tournament. And above all, India defeated Pakistan in the most comprehensive manner possible.

India Massacred Pakistan As They Did In the 1971 War

Forty one years back in 1971, Indian soldiers entered Dhaka and massacred Pakistani soldiers. Pakistani soldiers under their commander General Niazi signed the surrender treaty to India which signalled the defeat of Pakistan in the war. Indian players treated the cricket match against Pakistan as a military war. Indian batsmen slaughtered the Pakistani bowlers to bring about a marvellous victory. Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq himself admitted that he had never seen a better innings than the 183 played by Virat Kohli. It is of interest to notice that the same Virat Kohli did not play such an aggressive innings against Bangladesh during the competition and reserved his best against Pakistan. Pakistan is India’s arch enemy. A cricket match is as good as a military battlefield for the Indians. It was quite satisfying that Indians defeated the Pakistanis by playing an aggressive game.

Pakistani Terrorists Target Sheikh Hasina

It was very joyous occasion and pleasing to see Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to visit the stadium at Dhaka and enjoy the game. She applauded the Bangladesh win. But at the same time I was concerned about her safety also. I feel Madam Hasina should not visit such public places. Already Pakistani terrorists and the Talibans are planning to assassinate her. Pakistan is very angry that Bangladesh is experiencing prosperity and boom. The Talibans are also angry that girls are educated in Bangladesh which they feel is against Islam and Prophet Mohammad. Moreover Hasina is seen as a friend of India by Pakistani terrorists. There is a distinct possibility of Hasina getting assassinated at any time if she ignores security and visit public places. In Bangladesh itself, there are pro Pakistani elements that may be happy in eliminating Hasina. For India and Indians, Hasina is too valuable to be lost in that fashion. Therefore she should avoid visiting the final match and if interested, can see the match on TV.

Pakistan Should Not Win the Final

Now that Bangladesh has entered the final, I like to offer my best wishes to it. I do not want Pakistan to win the final. Pakistan is India’s arch enemy while Bangladesh is at the best a friend and at the worst a neutral country. Bangladesh is not sending any terrorists into India to kill innocent Indians as Pakistan is doing. I offer my prayers for a Bangladesh win in the finals.

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