Micromax Asia Cup Final Pakistan Vs Bangladesh

Nasir Hossain Cannot Be Blamed

Nasir Hossain Cannot Be Blamed
Nasir Hossain Cannot Be Blamed | Source

Pakistan Wins the Match, Bangladesh Conquers the Hearts

Like Messi’s Seven Goals, This Match Was a Must Watch Match

A thriller is not a proper word to describe the final of the Micromax Asia Cup Cricket ODI tournament at Dhaka. A thriller of thriller can describe the match to some extent. But the real extent cannot be described in writing. It can only be felt on seeing the match live. Those who had gone to the stadium to see the match were the luckiest people. Those who saw the match on TV were no less fortunate. But for those who missed the match, I can only say that they have missed something valuable in their lives. Like Lionel Messi’s seven goals in the La Liga, such moments rarely happen in sports.

Bangladesh Made the Final a Thrilling Affair

I thought that an India-Pakistan final would be the fittest and grandest climax for the Asia Cup tournament. If wishes were horses, everybody will flog at them. India had to return home but after blasting the Pakistanis and proving their supremacy against their arch enemy. I thought that Bangladesh cannot give such a challenge to the Pakistan team. But in the end, Bangladesh rose to the occasion and came almost close to snatching a surprise win over Pakistan. They lost the match by a cat’s whisker of just two runs.

Nasir Hossain Cannot Be Blamed

One might be tempted to put the blame on Nasir Hossain who occupied the crease and gave too many dot balls to Pakistan bowlers. Had Nasir Hossain accelerated the innings after settling down, things would have gone in Bangladesh’s way. But I think Nasir Hossain steadied the Bangladesh innings and made it possible for the other batsmen to make an attempt to win the match. He played a sheet anchor role and deserves to be complemented. It is easy to throw one’s wicket in the name of accelerating the run rate. But Nasir Hossain put down his head and played a responsible innings. He was afraid to take even calculated risks at that time when Bangladesh needed to steady its innings rather than go for flashy shots.

Misbah Did Not Make Provocative and Unnecessary Statements

Misbah Did Not Make Provocative and Unnecessary Statements
Misbah Did Not Make Provocative and Unnecessary Statements | Source

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Micromax Asia Cup Final Pakistan Vs Bangladesh

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Micromax Asia Cup Final Pakistan Vs Bangladesh

Micromax Asia Cup Final Pakistan Vs Bangladesh

Everybody Tried To Make Bangladesh Win the Match

Shakib Al Hasan played an excellent innings. As long as he was at the crease, Bangladesh had high hopes of snatching a victory from Pakistan. But when he departed after scoring a half century, all hopes sank. Earlier Tamim Iqbal played a superb innings and scored a half century. He had done his expected duty and left the task of reaching the target to other batsmen. Even after Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal left, the Bangladesh batsmen carried on the challenge. Mohammadullah lent both stability and aggression. Even the tail-enders wagged their tail aggressively. Mortaza hit some gallant shots which fetched runs at a time when they were most needed. Abdul Razzak tried to support Mohammadullah. But in the end, the tenth batsman found the task of scoring just a boundary to win the match too much. He could make only two runs by swinging his bat wildly at Cheema. Pakistan was home to win the prestigious Cup.

19 Runs In the Final over Cost Bangladesh Victory

In my opinion, the real reason for Bangladesh defeat was the 19 runs they gave to the Pakistan batsmen in the last over of the innings. In the final over, it is understandable that every batsman will try to swing his bat at whoever bowls and runs are bound to come. Bu had Bangladesh restricted the runs in the final over to say ten or twelve runs at the maximum, things could have gone in their favour. Again the Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim’s gallant hit should have fetched him a six and possibly swung the match in Bangladesh favour. But unfortunately it resulted in a catch on the edge of the boundary line.

Misbah Did Not Make Provocative and Unnecessary Statements

To conclude, Bangladesh was distinctly unlucky not to win the Asia Cup. They captured the hearts of all the people not only in their country but outside also. Bangladesh proved to the world that they are second to none in the game of cricket. With this performance, Bangladesh side is bound to excel in the coming years in cricket. My fullest complements to them. My congratulations also to Misbah-ul-Haq for handling his team well and not making unnecessary, provocative and unwarranted remarks to the media as was the habit of the past Pakistan captains. Misbah proved that he is a sensible player and captain. I hope he will captain the Pakistan side for long time and bring laurels to it.


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