Micromax Asia Cup India Vs Pakistan – A Thriller of All Thrillers

Hafeez and Jamshed Entertain the Crowd

Hafeez and Jamshed Entertain the Crowd
Hafeez and Jamshed Entertain the Crowd | Source

Hafeez and Jamshed Entertain the Crowd

Very Enjoyable Match Throughout

It was a nerve-wracking match. I sat on the edge of my seat and was about to fall down as the Indian innings progressed. I do not know how many heart patients would have watched this match. The suspense and the tension lasted almost throughout the match. What a thriller it was. Congratulations to both Pakistan and India to produce such a match. Spectators would have reaped the full worth of their money paid to gain entry into the stadium. TV viewers would have had an enjoyable day on a Sunday afternoon lasting till night.

Hafeez and Jamshed Entertain the Crowd

When the match started, within a couple of overs it was plain clear that that pitch was a perfect batting track and offered no assistance to the bowlers. Indian bowling without Zaheer Khan was already weak. Pakistani opening batsmen Mohammad Hafeez and Jamshed made full use of the conditions and indulged in merry hitting. They put on more than two hundred for Pakistan in quick time. I have never seen a double century partnership in one day match (there might have been such partnerships which I would not have seen). This partnership was pleasing to watch. There was never any tension. Both Hafeez and Jamshed put down their heads and played shots coolly, calmly without taking any risk whatsoever. But at the same time they scored runs at a healthy rate.

Anybody without Knowledge of Cricket Could Have Hit the Indian Bowlers

During this partnership, Indian bowlers were look mediocre. Indian bowlers did not know what to do and where to pitch the ball. Indian captain Dhoni was at his tether’s end. So many bowlers, so many combinations were tried out, but nothing could work. Finally Dhoni resigned to the fact that it was Pakistan’s day and they were destined to win this match. Finally Hafeez and Jamshed completed their respective centuries. They did namaz on the ground to thank Lord Allah for their achievements. Thereafter, both of them got out because of tiredness. When they departed, Hafeez and Jamshed ensured Pakistan a position of strength. Indians’ woes did not end here. Younis Khan pounded the Indian bowlers to score a half century off only 34 balls with eight boundary hits. It seemed that even a golf player not knowing much about cricket can bat and score runs against the Indian bowlers. Pakistan put up a sterling total of 329 at the end of the allotted 50 overs.

I Was Not Confident Of Indian Victory

During the interval, my friends asked me whether India could chase the target of 330 and win. I replied in the negative. But my friends pointed out that India had scored 320 runs in less than forty overs against Sri Lanka and earned a bonus point also during the Australian tout. I was quite aware of that match as it had happened recently. But I stated that it was once in a blue moon happening which can never recur again. My friends pointed out that Virat Kohli was still in the team. I was aware that Virat Kohli was the hero of that match against Sri Lanka with a contribution of 133. But I did not believe that Virat Kohli was capable of repeating that performance and that too against the strong Pakistan bowlers. I pointed out that Pakistani bowlers were in good form.

Gambhir’s Departure Was a Big Blow for India

When the Indian innings started, Gautam Gambhir was out leg before wicket to Hafeez off the second ball of the innings. Now my friends also endorsed my opinion and we had resigned ourselves to an Indian defeat. We did not even pray God for an Indian victory because we knew that our prayers would be futile. But then, we were not aware that a miracle was going to happen and India was going to win.

Will Kapil Dev and Imran Demand Virat Kohli’s Retirement?

Will Kapil Dev and Imran Demand Virat Kohli’s Retirement?
Will Kapil Dev and Imran Demand Virat Kohli’s Retirement? | Source

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Micromax Asia Cup India Vs Pakistan – A Thriller of All Thrillers

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Micromax Asia Cup India Vs Pakistan – A Thriller of All Thrillers

Micromax Asia Cup India Vs Pakistan – A Thriller of All Thrillers

Sachin Made Many Innovative Strokes.

Sachin Tendulkar had already shed his pressure and tension by completing his hundredth century against Bangladesh in the previous match. Now he came on his own. Virat Kohli and Sachin started rebuilding Indian innings literally from the scratch. They put on a century partnership. Sachin made innovation of many strokes fearlessly and without tension. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy batting. When Sachin departed after completing a valuable half century, nobody was prepared to give India any chance of winning. The match was still in Pakistan’s favour and 330 seemed to be a daunting target for any side to chase and that too under floodlights. Sachin was also lucky to escape run outs twice. Pakistan fielding was miserable. Their wicket keeper performed below par. Pakistani fielders would have conceded 30 to 40 runs to Indians because of their poor fielding. In addition, they missed Sachin’s prize wicket also. There were also overthrows, gifting India with valuable runs.

Rohit Sharma Came To Form at the Right Time

When Rohit Sharma joined Virat Kohli, we were not optimistic. Rohit had failed umpteen numbers of times and was included in the team only because he was captain Dhoni’s pet. Any other captain would have sacked Rohit Sharma long back. But another miracle took place. Rohit Sharma came to form at the right time and what an innings he played. When he hit a six, he announced his readiness to conquer the world. Thereafter, no force on earth could stop Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. They pounded the Pakistani attack. They made merry of the perfect conditions. There was a difference between the partnership between Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma and Hafeez & Jamshed. The latter pair batted without any pressure situation and tension. But Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma had to bat and chase a big target under pressure. Hafeez and Jamshed batted during the day when sunlight was very much there. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma batted under floodlights. Hafeez and Jamshed played against an inept Indian bowling attack. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma played against an above average Pakistani bowling.

Virat Kohli, the Indian Hero Again

As Rohit Sharma departed when the Indian score was 305, victory for India was a mere formality. One thought that Virat Kohli will get the honour of hitting the winning shot. But God denied him that honour and gave it to captain Dhoni. When the final winning shot was hit, there were still two overs and a ball to spare. One of the best chasing efforts in ODI was witnessed in Dhaka and the Bangladeshi crowd was lucky that it came on their soil. After the match was over, I could not believe that India had won. I thought that while watching the match on TV, I had fallen asleep and was dreaming. In order to confirm it was not a dream, I pricked my wrist with a pin. It was painful. But the pain was sweet because it confirmed that Indian win was not a dream, but reality.

Will Kapil Dev and Imran Demand Virat Kohli’s Retirement?

Misbah-ul-Haq, the Pakistan captain was graceful during the presentation ceremony. He openly admitted that he had never seen an innings like the one played by Virat Kohli. Kapil Dev and Imran Khan used to say that one should retire when one was at his peak (they never followed this advice). Now perhaps, Imran and Kapil Dev may demand that Virat Kohli should announce his retirement from cricket as he is in peak form. Had Afridi been the captain, he would have stated in the presentation ceremony that Muslims are the most broadminded people in the world, thereby implying that Hindus and Christians are the narrowest minded people. I am happy that Misbah did not invoke religion. But I can complement Misbah only after the finals because maybe Misbah reserves his religious comments after the finals. But in my opinion, Misbah will be different from other Pakistani captains like Afridi, Imran Khan and Mushtaq Mohammad. Misbah speaks little and whatever comments come from his mouth are sensible. He never connects religion to cricket as other Pakistani captains.

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Ramnovich profile image

Ramnovich 4 years ago

nice article. I enjoy each and every line in this hub. great writing. keep it up. I would like to laud Virat for his heroic efforts but his age is too early to judge him whether he is the best batsman or not. I am sure Virat is on his way to achieve the world's best batsman feat but this is too early. He should be continuing with his consistency for another 4 to 5 years. Then am sure that he would reach that feat!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Ramnovich,

I thank you for your valuable comments.I fully agree with your views.

Best wishes to you,

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