Mid Atlantic Pier Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Piers

A number of saltwater piers are found throughout the Mid Atlantic region, many of which offer outstanding fishing opportunities.

Pier Fishing Basics

When pier fishing, anglers may need a variety of tackle and other equipment.

The following pier fishing checklists cover basic and advanced fishing:

Basic Pier Fishing Equipment

- rod and reel

- basic tackle

- bait

- lures

- cooler

- small bucket

- bait knife

- rags

- hat

- sunglasses

- sunblock

- drinks, lunch, snacks

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Specialized Equipment

Specialized pier fishing equipment may include:

- pier buggy or wagon

- landing net

- gaff or grappling hook

- live bait systems

Top Mid Atlantic Fishing Piers

The following are overviews of various Mid Atlantic fishing piers:

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Piers

OC Fishing Pier

Virginia Fishing Piers

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