Mini Bull Riding in Canada

Children on Bulls??

Yes! It may sound insane but children love mini bull riding. It is adventurous, exhilarating and a huge boost to the self esteem. Mini bucking bulls are under 48 inches and weigh around 700lbs. They are generally friendly and will usaully stand in the shoots and patentiently wait for young riders to climb on. Paired with some great protective gear and amazing mini bull fighters, the children are kept pretty safe. Mini bull riding does pose some risk but so does crossing the street and besides noone wants to live in a bubble.

Mini Bull Riding in Canada

Benefits to Mini Bull Riding in Canada

Have you ever had the chance to watch a child glow from the pure thrill of accomplishment? It is really quite amazing to watch. As they climb on that "scary" mini bull in the confines of the shoots with all the help and encouragement from the amazing stock people and fellow rodeo buddies, they sit somewhere between fear and excitement. Fear of falling off, being stomped or getting hung up, these brave boys and girls crawl on to the mini bull and face every bit of fear they have ever had.

Whether they last 1 second or 20 seconds no longer matters. As the gate swings open and the mini bull begins to buck and spin a huge feeling of accomplishment is evident. When the kids hit the dirt on their feet or on their butts their self confidence soars high. If you can get on a mini bull you can face anything...right?

Keeping Kids Safe

The most important issue when mini bull riding in Canada is safety. The protective gear is very necessary.

  • The Helmet: The need for a helmet is pretty obvious. You can use a regular hockey helmet with a metal cage or you can check out bull riding helmets. Most important is proper fit. Color and type are options that can be fun and help kids to match the helmet to their own style.
  • The Flak Jacket: This is a protective vest wore by mini bull riders to help keep there chest safe. If a sharp hoof lands on the chest the vest will minimze injury to some very vital organs. Flak Jackets can be purchased online or at specialty western stores.
  • Mouth Guard: Teeth are very important to protect. Nobody wants to lose there teeth and walk around toothless when they are so young. Besides dental work can be costly compared to the small price of a mouth guard.
  • Chaps: Keep legs protected with leather chaps. The chaps cut down on scraps and gouges.

Other Gear

There is some other gear that is needed when mini bull riding. Such as:

  • A small bull rope
  • A bell for on your bull rope
  • Cowboy boots and a long sleeve western shirt
  • Bull riding spurs

If mini bull riding is something a child is interested in trying most of the time you can find someone to borrow the necessary gear from so you can find out for sure whether it is something they are going to be excited to pursue before you invest in all the gear.

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Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

I would be very nervous about letting my grandchildren have a go, but reading about it and watching the video, I reckon my grandson would love it!

Many thanks for sharing and voting up, best wishes MM

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