Minnesota Wild All-Time Goal Scoring Leaders

The Minnesota North Stars became the Dallas Stars in 1993, and so Minneapolis/St. Paul did not have an NHL franchise for almost a decade, when the expansion Minnesota Wild were awarded to the city and began play in 2000.  The Wild have made the playoffs three times, but not surprisingly for a young franchise, do not have a championship to their name just yet.  They have had some talented players on the ice, however, and here is a short list of the Wild’s leading goal scorers to date as I write this in 2010:

Marian Gaborik (219)—Right wing Marian Gaborik began his NHL career with the Wild and played in Minnesota from 2000 until 2009.  Gaborik leads the Wild all-time with 219 goals, and his best season so far was 2007-08.  That year, he had career highs in goals (42), assists (41) and total points (83). 

Brian Rolston (96)—Center Brian Rolston played for Minnesota for just three seasons, from 2005 to 2008, but in that short time he racked up 96 goals, ranking him second in franchise history.  Rolston had his best season as a pro so far in 2005-06, when he had career best numbers in goals (34), assists (45) and total points (79). 

Andrew Brunette (94)—Left wing Andrew Brunette is currently in his second stint with the Wild.  He played for them from 2001 to 2004 and re-joined the team in 2008.  Brunette ranks third in Wild history with 94 goals, and his career high in a Wild uniform was 22 goals in 2008-09.  However, Brunette’s best overall season in Minnesota was 2001-02, when he scored 21 goals with 48 assists for 69 total points. 

Wes Walz (82)—Center Wes Walz played for the Wild from 2000 to 2008, and he ranks fourth in their history with 82 goals.  Walz had arguably his best overall season in Minnesota in 2005-06.  That year, Walz scored a career high 19 goals, adding 18 assists for 37 total points. 

Pierre-Marc Brouchard (77)—Center Pierre-Marc Brouchard has been with Minnesota his entire career so far, from 2002 until now as I write this in 2010.  Brouchard ranks fifth in franchise history with 77 goals, and while he scored 59 points in 2005-06, his best goal-scoring season was 2006-07.  That year, Brouchard scored a career best 20 goals, and added 37 assists for 57 total points.

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