Minnesota land of ten thousand lakes

Minnesota,land of many lakes
Minnesota,land of many lakes

Minnesota,best known as the land with ten thousand lakes,has a lake area greater than any state in the union.Some are small and some are large.

Five thousand of these lakes are found in one area,Superior National Forest,which is on the northern and northeastern part of the state.

The park rapids section has more fish species and varietys then has any other like in the world.

Minnesota has ten varieties of pan fish,which are,pike,-muskellunge-,large and small mouth bass,-lake trout,-walleyed pike,-rainbow trout,-brook trout,-brown trout.

The minnesota-ontario boundary from lake of the woods east to the pigeon river is composed of a series of lakes,the boundary line running through their center as well as through the small streams that connect them.This chain of waters makes possible some of the finest canoe trips in the north with a variety of fish species to catch.Some of the best lakes on this waterway are,lac la croix-crooked lake-basswood lake-saganoga lake-gunflint lake-mountain lake-moose lake-fowl lakes.

You can find outfitters at fort frances,ont.-ely,minn.and gunflint lake.

Leach Lake is located in Cass County and is a big body of wate.This lake has produced muskellunge up to 46 pounds in weight,in addition to be famous for walleyes.

Mille Lacs lake,14 miles in diameter and not a deep lake,possesses some of the best walleyed fishing in the state.Visited by thousands of out of state and world fishermen yearly.It also has great northern pike.

From Brainard,Minn.down to Anoka,near minneapolis,the Mississippi can be considered one of the unusual fishing bets in the state.Float trips from saint cloud down to anoka offer some great muskellunge,and small mouth bass fishing.The best time is latter part of august through september.

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Sweetsfishing 5 years ago

If anyone is wanting to catch great Walleyes, they should go to Lake of the Woods! It is right up the road after spending some time at Leech Lake!

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