Mixed martial arts hits Oxnard California

Mixed martial arts in Oxnard, CA

As shows such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship continue to grow their viewership, mixed martial arts continues to grow as a sport throughout the United States. For those who live in the 805 area code, there are a few gyms for you to begin training at to learn the in's and outs of being an amateur (or even professional) fighter.

Beginners will learn the art of conditioning and weight training. Without proper conditioning and weight training, a fighter will not be able to last against their opponent. Individuals can begin their training with the lung capacity of an 80 year old smoker and make huge leaps and bounds quickly with the help of educated and driven trainers.

Running, exercise, weight lifting, and other conditioning activities help an individual quickly reach levels they never even imagined. With individuals being tested for physical fitness on their very first visit, no one is training above their capacity. Trainers are there to push a person, but they know where their limits are. No one is pushed further than they can go.

Agility is another component to any person's training. If one isn't agile enough, they can become hurt by moving further than they body is capable. The more flexible and quick on your feet, the better you can compete against an opponent.

MMA training for fitness

Not all people who train with MMA trainers are there to be fighters. Most of us don't want to be punched in the face. But what we do want is a firm body. No one wants to be overweight, and MMA trainers can help you get into the shape you want. Jujitsu and kick boxing are only components of the overall training. Individuals can choose what they wish to take part in and what they don't. If you don't want to be put in an armbar but want to look like the stars on TV, show up for the weight training and conditioning classes.

Nutrition is also a focus of any MMA program. Without proper nutrition all the exercise in the world will do nothing for you. You have to eat right to look and feel good. A proper diet goes a long way in having the body you always dreamed of.

For those who wish to be punched

Jujitsu and kick boxing classes are available to make you both a better grappler and a better striker. The more training you get, the faster you learn. There is no experience required. You can learn to strike with the best of them in a controlled environment. Those who are training individuals how to fight know exactly what you should learn and how you should learn it. Discipline is key to training. Those without discipline won't go very far.

Rolando Reyes

Many professional fighters come out of the 805

There are a good deal of professional fighters who train in the 805 area code. Pro boxers, kickboxers, and even MMA fighters can be spotted at many of the gyms throughout the area. The only way you'll ever meet them is by getting off the couch and heading off to train.

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