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Keep your bike looking good! - These Girls Do!

Casey and Megan Jordan at Ponca National.
Casey and Megan Jordan at Ponca National.

Get Your Motocross Bike looking Cool!

Have you ever went to a big Motocross Race? Have you looked at the racers bikes? We'll there is always a reason for their look and their style! Lets think this over. When your a good racer at big events,you will have some sort of sponsorship.The better that you are the more sponsors that you will gain and attract! In motocross racing everyone can use some help thur sponsorship,In an entry level sponsorship,you send off an E-Mail or letter and ask for sponsorship help.After they review your request,You may get approved to a certain level of sponsorship! This level will usually let you purchase their parts or services at a discounted prices. Then your sponsor will request that you place their name and decals on your bike and helmet and or More!This is where it all starts with those cool looking motocross bikes.In this article we are just talking about the Motocross bike looks(Not all those parts that will get you a faster bike).Well lets take a look at a Show room bike and a Factory bike.The show room bike has the real basics,Shroud Factory grafics. You must get it home and deside what you want! We will help you!

The Difference between Stock bike and Factory Racers bike

Stock Bike look!
Stock Bike look!
Factory Bike look!
Factory Bike look!

The Decals!

We need to figure out how you want your bike to look now. Do you want to stay with the stock bike look and just add your numbers? This is a clean and cool look.It gives you the I'm only stock and simple look! Some racers like to kick it up a little by changing the Shroud graphics (Gas tank area).With a designed look of their choice,It may be their sponsors logo or a design they picked.This is still a clean and simple look! Some racers want to go a little more with the decals on the shroud-Front fender-Rear finder. This gives them the option of adding even more sponsors in different areas.If you want a little more than add graphics to the swing arm and front fork protectors! The number plates can also be simple with just your number or you can add your name! Well its your choice and its how far or fancy you want to go.Its always cool to make your Motocross bike-Your style! Take pride with your investment and everyone will notice you and your bike.

Make it your way,Your style !

Megan gets her new graphics.
Megan gets her new graphics.
My 1st new supermini Bike.
My 1st new supermini Bike.
New 250F with just Numbers.
New 250F with just Numbers.

Video Cam Goggles-You Must Have These.

Video Cam Goggles- Get at

Want to show your friends and family what you go thur when you ride or race? Get these Video Cam Goggles -Down load on your computer or hook up to TV and watch the excitement.- Get these video Cam Goggles at   Enjoy the Excitement!

Doug use Video Cam Goggles at Hangtime MX,INDIANA

Get Motovated and watch a motocross DVD.

We have you all excited about getting your bike looking good.We'll now your getting excited about getting to the track with that cool looking Bike.Now you need to sit back and rent or purchase a few good motocross DVDs,these will get you really excited to get out there and kick some but on that cool looking bike! Check out for some good DVDs.Enjoy the excitement! DVD reviews--DOUG and WOLFMAN check out TGO -The Destroyers 08. PRO Outdoor Season-With high ratings. DVD review. The Beginnings-Amateur Racing - DOUG and MATT Really enjoy this movie!!

DOUG and SCREEM review ThrillBillies Double Wide--Crazy guys doing Crazy Shit!! It's a must have DVD.

You do want your bike looking Cool! 4 comments

jafruminc profile image

jafruminc 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

You should definitely ride your motorcycle with style. it is important that we do not lose the cool and tough look when riding the bike. That is what is what all bikers do, style and protection.

john hayls profile image

john hayls 4 years ago

Your hub have very beautiful grafics, looking very nice.

FreddieMcKenzie 7 years ago

I think dirt bike graphics are only half the battle, its also about how you handle your ride. Take me for example; I can wheelie, do no-handers and if its muddy enough I can do a burnout until my back wheel is 6" under dirt! Now that shit is cool!

doug46 profile image

doug46 7 years ago from Monticello,Indiana Author

Everyone that races wants their Dirt Bike to look the Best-Coolest!Its not hard or really expensive to get your bike looking cool.Just Do it! you will be happy with your results!

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