Motocross gear needed to start!

You have many styles and options!

What are my Basic needs ?

Well lets say that you have been bitten by the I want to try this motocross racing bug! You probally have an idea of what you may need,but lets go over some of the basics.First lets talk about the race bike just in case you don't have one yet! 2 things to think about-- #1 your age and skill level. Your age if younger will put you into a bike size class.Then that will let give you a clue as to what size Bike to look for.If your older than you will think about your skill level and weight to determine the bike size and power that is needed.--#2 New or Used? well this is always a tuff question.If you're just going to try Motocross racing out and your still unsure.Then a used bike could be the best call.It will save you some money and you still will have a bike to trail ride and put around on.If your wanting to take this serious and give it a good try for a year or two.Than I totally suggest a new bike.

Liquid Image Video Goggles

Video Cam Goggles are tons of FUN for everyone.

Want to let your friends and family see what its like to Ride or Race? They can see what you enjoy and go thur during a race.Everyone get to see and enjoy what you do. Liquid Image Video goggles are the best.Go to and get your pair of these.

Video Goggles-Doug at Paxtrack in florida

These racers have all the proper gear.

Gratten starting line!
Gratten starting line!
Loading into Ponca Start.
Loading into Ponca Start.
Good finish!
Good finish!

Riders needed gear!

There are a few strickly enforced rules that a racer must have to race. You must wear a motorcycle helmet.You must have long sleeves.You must wear boots.Now having said this,Lets take a deeper look into what is really needed to be safe and compete! #1 in my book is a GOOD Motocross helmet,Lets not save money when your protecting your head. # 2 A good pair of Motocross Boots,These will be so important when they are needed.And they are needed each time you ride or race. #3 Eye Protection-Goggles! Its up there high on the must have list! #4 A chest protector. When your out there you will find that rocks and falls can hurt,Don't save money and find that you broke a rib. # 5 Gloves. You will need to hold on tight. After this list there are other thing that are nice but not truly needed,Uniform,Knee pads,ect.

Take a motocross lesson or school.

Motocross school in Wisconsin.
Motocross school in Wisconsin.
You can make friends too!
You can make friends too!

Take time to learn to race the correct way!

When you have got your race bike and the gear that you want don't assume that your totally ready.Take your time with all your purchases.Read and ask about everything.Get your best deal and be prepared before you head out. You may have done some backyard rides or trail riding.Well let me make this IMPORTANT Rule. Motocross racing is very tuff,hard and demanding.Its also very dangerous if not done right.When I say done right I mean that you need to work into it,Practice,Pratice,Pratice-do you get this.I also suggest that a lesson or a motocross school would be a great idea! When you do get out into the race,ride at your own pace and a work into the speed and jumps. They will come in time just don't think that it all looks so easy that your sure that you can do this.IT WILL BITE YOU!Be carefull and the most important thing is to always have FUN.

Watching a Motocross DVD can help !

Take the time to sit down and watch a few Motocross DVDs.This will help inform you as to the gear and styles that are out there! It will also get you more excited and motavated to give Motocross racing a try.The amount our fun you can have is just the start because you'll also get lots of family bonding and make new and interesting friends.There are lots of types of motocross movies out there-Motocross Racing-ATV-Freestyle and more! Motocrossnites has lot of great choices for you! Enjoy the excitement!! DVD reviews. TGO The Destroyers 08 - PRO Outdoor Season - DOUG and WOLFMAN really enjoyed this movie! DVD reviews-DOUG and SCREEM get excited over-ThrillBillies Double Wide. Lots of Crazy guys doing Crazy things.They give it Lots of SCREEMS UP DVD reviews- The Beginnings -All Amatur - DOUG and MATT give this move Thumbs up!!

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doug46 profile image

doug46 7 years ago from Monticello,Indiana Author

If You want to race Motocross make sure that you don't cut your self short with out the proper gear.Motocross gear is very Important. Ride Smart and Safe!

MX Race Fane profile image

MX Race Fane 7 years ago from OKLAHOMA CITY

Most of my racing days have past and hopefully my little guy will start his riding soon so we can get more involved with his riding and going back to the local tracks that I race most of my life. Your site has some great tips thanks for sharing and be safe. If you don't mind here is my site it has moto videos and supercross news.

ray suppan 6 years ago

you need motocross boots or do work boots work too

Doug 6 years ago

We highly suggest that you get a good pair of motocross boots (used or new),They have a great deal of support and protection built into their design.Be safe and have fun!!

Brandon 6 years ago

do i really need a chest protector i know a lot of good riders that don't use them and a lot of chest protectors don't work with neck braces and i think neck braces are more important

Doug 6 years ago

There are no rules that require a chest protector! We really believe in them ,Its very easy to get roosted with big rocks on the big bikes.Its also easy to to fall and have thoese handle bars or levers punch your ribs or back..Use caution and ride under control..Enjoy Riding,Racing and living the Dream!

Nekolove Santiago 5 years ago

Know your limits, be sure to wear braces and protective gears...

ride hard

jafruminc profile image

jafruminc 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Protective gears are really important to all racers or bikers. So it is also important to invest on them for your safety and protection. Thank you for posting!

GoMotocross profile image

GoMotocross 4 years ago

Proper motocross gear can make the difference in a little injury or a major accident. Wear a good helmet it is the most important. Don't forget the other things though like good boots, chest protector etc. a bike can be fixed but your body is the only one you have.

Also check out motocross schools to learn proper riding technique. At we have a national listing of some great trainers and schools for both the amateur and experienced riders.

barry perpente 4 years ago

wat are the absolute need

Kelsey 3 years ago

I really want to start but im not sure how and does it matter what your bike looks like help me please ! :)

Tobi 2 years ago

Re @ Barry: A must have is the helmet. Don't ride without it. A pair of good boots is also one of the basics. You can read more about gear at

Re @ Kelsey: Don't worry about the look of your bike or gear. Just start riding and worry about those things later on. You'll probably get hooked!

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