Muddler Minnow Fly

Hold On For This Strike !

Being a fly-fisherman you realize how important insects are to the fishes diet. We spend our hours at the stream side trying to match the hatch to both weather and water conditions, as well as the calendar. What's interesting though is that a true mainstay to a trouts diet is smaller fish such as minnows and dace.

Everyone who goes fly fishing should have a muddler minnow in their fly box. We all run into those days that when we get stream side that the water is unexpectedly up a bit, either from prolonged rain or a drenching thunderstorm. Often then I'll use a muddler. Sizes that I'll use range from size #4 to size #8, as I've never really had success with any size smaller that a #8. Remember your trying to imitate a minnow, and a moderate size fly tends to attract. What I usually do is try a size #8 and if no success then move up to a size #6 or #4. If no luck then many times I'll use a marabou muddler-with its combination of gold and red on it, it’s a real flashy attraction. Being such a versatile fly, I'll cast it across a pool and strip it back in, or work it around a tree or stump lying near the shore. In either case if the water is moving a bit I think the fish have less time to look over the fly and at times strike it on instinct. Overall my best success has been on cooler fall days with little or slight mayfly hatch. ALSO-Some evenings at dusk, I'll tie one of these fllies on for my last 2 dozen or so casts, as at times at dusk those big lunkers come out and are bit less cautious. Tippet size is less important as with some other flies, 6X is good, or at times I'll use some good stout monofilament that I coat with gel to make it sink or at least get just below the waters surface. If the fish are biting- then hold on! You can get some real strong aggressive strikes when using a muddler. I'm not saying I catch fish every time that I go fishing - but I do try to have as productive and fun of a time as possible- and a muddler minnow does that !

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