Myths About Building Muscle


Some people say vegetarians can't build muscle. They can consume soy Protein Isolate, which increases solid body weight. A meat free diet doesn't hamper athletic performance as proven in studies. The studies also proved that people that were strength training and eating just soy protein gained lean muscle mass.

Gaining muscle takes time and it is a process that is difficult. If you are female and training you don't have to start looking masculine. You don't have to become bulky. The regime you undertake and your diet will make that determination. Anyway, you don't have the amount of testosterone it takes to grow muscles as big as men can.

Eating more protein will automatically build muscles. No. It is useful, but muscles need calories for fuel and those calories are mostly received from carbohydrates. Not just any carbs, but the right carbs. A good carb supplement can help. Some have the idea that you can't burn fat with resistance training. Wrong. Muscle tissue is active metabolically. It plays its part in the increase of metabolism.


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