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Just some thoughts on an issue that arose during NBA labor talks. An individual in the players camp during negotiations refered to the owners as having a "plantation mentality" and I'm paraphrasing,but the main idea is there.I just have a hard time understanding how someone making the amounts of money that some of the players are can use that argument of being some kind of indentured servant or slave. If I'm not mistaken indentured servants or slaves don't get paid and these players make substantial amounts of cash. I haven't done the research but probably even the lowliest paid NBA players makes better money than most people.I understand that they have a short window to make their money but injecting that type of rhetoric into a negotiation isn't going to bring two sides together any faster. In most sports players are black and or white and I gather the owners care about the white ones as much as the black.The bottom line is when someone is paying you that much money they do have a kind of ownership over you ,a professional one. You have a choice though,if you don't like the conditions find another profession.

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ovidio 5 years ago

it is was it is flub

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Robnthehood 5 years ago from Because of the WEB......everywhere Author

Dont hate Capt O you had your chance on the hub!!

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