Destroy your opponents, and dance on their face.
Destroy your opponents, and dance on their face.


Follow these money plays and you will be in the top 100 on NCAA Football 09 in no time. Take your game online and destroy your competition with a proven strategy that works.

NCAA Football 09 Tips

I will be giving you simple tips and tricks to use on Ncaa Football 09 football online that will elevate your game. Continue reading.

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NCAA FOOTBALL 09 Money Plays

The best way to be effective at NCAA Football 09 is to hide the plays that you are going to run.

I run one set out of one playbook, and I audible to different plays based on what the defense is doing.

The offensive Play book that I use is: Mississippi State

The offensive set that I use is: Ace Big

These are the 5 plays to use in your audibles

  1. Ace Big: WR Screen (Use against Man)
  2. Ace Big: Inside Cross (Use against Cover 2 & man coverage)
  3. Ace Big: Speed Option (Use against man coverage)
  4. Ace Big: Corner Strike (Use against Cover 3)
  5. Ace Big: Quick Slants (Use against blitz & bump-n-run)

Choose Ace Big: Halfback dive as your play when choosing your plays, and audible into your other plays.

How to tell what defense they are running

The defensive backs will show you what coverage they are in.

Put your left wide receiver in motion. If the cornerback follows then he is in man, and audible into one of the plays that work for man coverage.(Run that option to the side that the defensive back left open to follow the wide receiver. It is money)

If the cornerback plays back then he is in Zone. When you bring your wide receiver in motion, and the cornerback moves up a few yards, then stops he is in Cover 2. Run the Ace Big: Inside Cross.

If the defensive backs play back and move around ten yards then they are in Cover 3 . Run the Ace Big: Corner Strike.

Once you get used to audibling to your plays, then you will be a beast, and very hard to stop online.

Defense in NCAA Football Online 09 is a little harder to deal with. Run Multiple D. Once you put up enough points it will not matter anyway.

Practice your audibles against the computer before you play NCAA Football 09 online.

NCAA Football 09 Game & Strategy Guide

NCAA Football 09: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)
NCAA Football 09: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)

NCAA Football 09: Prima Official Game Guide.

If you want to get really good at this game, buy this strategy guide.

NCAA Football 09
NCAA Football 09

NCAA Football 09 for XBOX 360

NCAA Football 09 - Sony PSP
NCAA Football 09 - Sony PSP

NCAA Football 09 for PSP


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paris henley 5 years ago

this has help me out a hold lote and i hope other people will try it. thank you

james underwood 5 years ago

How do you play two people in the same home against each other we received no instructions with game.

Thanks James

jvandewalker profile image

jvandewalker 5 years ago from Quitman, Ms Author

James, Go to the Play Now screen and select exhibition. You will then be able to press over on your controller to choose the team that you want. Make sure both controllers are on and make sure that you choose opposite teams in order to play against each other! Hope that helps, let me know if I can help any further.

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