NFL Fantasy Football 2012: League Basics, and Week 1 in Review.


Fantasy Football 2012.

Last Thursday marked the beginning of the 2012-2013 NFL season. As much as football fans in general had been anxiously waiting for the new season to start, another set of football fans were just as eager; fantasy football fans. Over the past few years, fantasy football's popularity has skyrocketed. The popularity of this virtual game has grown so widely, that you can find fantasy football leagues on numerous websites. I've personally been playing fantasy football since 2006. For the 2012 fantasy football season, I'm involved in three different leagues on three different sites. The most that I've ever participated in during one season is two, so this is a fairly new experience for me. In this hub, I'm going to discuss the leagues I'm playing in, and also give a review on how week one went for each of my three teams. Hope you enjoy.


Team name: Prospect RBG

QB Tom Brady

RB Steven Jackson

RB Willis McGahee

WR Andre Johnson

WR Hakeem Nicks

TE Antonio Gates

WR Miles Austin

Chargers D/ST

K Mason Crosby

RB Peyton Hillis

RB Jonathan Stewart

RB Kevin Smith

QB Josh Freeman

Bears D/ST

WR Sidney Rice

TE Dustin Keller

ESPN: The Screwshop 2012.

League Basics:The first league that I'm involved in is being played on ESPN( The name of the league is derived from a message board that I've been posting on for years. The Screw Shop is a site dedicated to the late DJ Screw. I've been playing fantasy football with the other members on this particular site since 2009. During my time playing with this group, I've only made it to the playoffs once. The highest that I've finished in the standings is sixth place. The entry fee is normally $25, however, the league manager pushed it up to $50 this year. The league is comprised of 10 teams total. You can see the players on my team to the right.

Week 1 Review: According to ESPN's predictions, I was predicted to win on this particular week. My starting quarterback, Tom Brady did fairly well with 21 total fantasy points. I received limited production from running back Steven Jackson, as he only was able to produce 8 fantasy points total. However, I received much needed help from Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith. Smith was able to score two total touchdowns against the St. Louis Rams, and provided me a boost with 20 fantasy points from. Houston Texans wide receiver, Andre Johnson was big against Miami, and mustered 17 fantasy points. My other starting receiver Hakeem Nicks was disappointing finishing with only 3 fantasy points. However, Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin's 34 yard touchdown against the Giants last Thursday, helped push his total to 15 fantasy points. Although I got decent production from my quarterback and receivers, I ended up tying my opponent from week 1 with 104 total points. It all came down to my tight end Antonio Gates, from the San Diego Chargers. I needed Gates to either gain 50 yards, or score one touchdown to put me over the top. Unfortunately, Gates only caught 4 balls for 42 yards. Due to the tie, I'll start the season out 0-0-1.


Team name: Prospect JPT


QB Aaron Rodgers

RB Ahmad Bradshaw

RB Doug Martin

WR Dwayne Bowe

WR Vincent Jackson

TE Jimmy Graham

WR Emmanuel Sanders

K Dan Bailey

Bears D/ST


QB Matt Schaub

RB Peyton Hillis

RB Felix Jones

RB C.J. Spiller

RB Ben Tate

TE Dustin Keller The Turf 13.

League Basics: I've been playing in this league since 2008. Ironically, I was the fantasy football champion in this league the first year I played. Since winning the championship in 08, I've had very little success in this league. This league is a free league, and doesn't require an entry fee. It's also a twelve team league. Since participating in 08, I've been invited by the league commissioner every year to participate. If you look to the right, you can see what my current lineup looks like.

Week 1 Review: Overall, I got decent production from the majority of the players I started. Green Bay's, Aaron Rodgers scored 26 fantasy points, and led my team in scoring this week. New York Giants running back, Ahmad Bradshaw led the backs with 15 fantasy points. However, Tampa Bay's, Doug Martin wasn't far behind with 13 fantasy points. Both of my receivers: Dwayne Bowe and Vincent Jackson were equally disappointing, with Bowe scoring 6.50 points, to Jackson's 6 fantasy points. New Orleans Saints tight end, Jimmy Graham was huge, and produced 17 fantasy points. I had a decent lead going into the final games of the week, but fell short after San Diego's kicker, Nate Kaeding had a big night on ESPN'S Monday Night Football. The opponent I faced had Kaeding as his kicker, and was able to narrowly outpoint my team 121.00 to 117.50. It's disappointing to start the season with such a close loss, however, it's only the first week.


Team Name: Prospect RBG


QB Tony Romo

WR Julio Jones

WR Andre Johnson

WR Chris Johnson

TE Jimmy Graham

RB Steven Jackson

K Stephen Gostkowski

Cincinnati D/ST


RB Fred Jackson

WR Mike Wallace

QB Robert Griffin III

TE Fred Davis

RB Stevan Ridley

RB Donald Brown

Philadelphia D/ST

Yahoo: Da League.

League Basics: The third and final league I'm playing in this year is taking place on Yahoo. It's been quite awhile since I've played fantasy football on Yahoo. Last time I played fantasy football on Yahoo was back in 2007. Unfortunately, I had an abysmal season, which gives me bad memories bringing it up now. At any rate, I'm back actively playing fantasy football on Yahoo. The name of the league I'm participating in on Yahoo is called "Da League". One of my good friends got me involved in this league. The entry fee was $20, and it's an eight team league. Playing in an 8 team league is definitely a first for me. To the right of this text, you'll find my current lineup of players in this league.

Week 1 Review: If you take a look at my current roster, you can imagine that I'm pretty satisfied with the players I drafted. The thing about playing in an 8 team league is that the chances of ending up with a solid squad is easier. You're not drafting with 9, 11, or 13 other people like most other leagues, so a lot of good players are left to grab. Unfortunately, I suffered another close loss in this league this week as well. The final score was 143-142. I was encouraged by my starters scoring a combined 142 points. However, my opponent's field goal kicker, San Francisco's David Akers, put up 23 fantasy points. This is an extremely high number of points for a kicker. My two starting running backs(Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson) were very disappointing this past week. Hopefully they can turn it around this week, and my other players come up big as well. I definitely don't want to start the year out 0-2. My starting quarterback Tony Romo had a big game, and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Julio Jones came up big as well.


Well that's a layout of what fantasy football will look like for me in 2012. Anyone who is aware of how fantasy football operates knows that it's really a game of luck. All you can do is choose the best players possible, and hope that they perform consistently every week. I will try to update what's going on with my teams on a weekly basis, so stay tuned for more updates. To anyone who is playing fantasy football this season, I wish you all good luck on the virtual gridiron. Thanks for reading.

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eHealer profile image

eHealer 4 years ago from Las Vegas

Hey ProspectBoy, I won last week with 138 points! I had some great picks but don't know if it will work this week. My neighborhood has a league, and it's really fun. Especially since they made fun of all my picks. Great hub, I hope to see more of these articles for the NFL season. Thanks! Voted up and definitely shared!

Alphadogg16 profile image

Alphadogg16 4 years ago from Texas

Nice hub. @ehealer, If you scored 138 points & they were laughing at your picks, you know a little more than you think you do & im sure you will continue to do well.

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hey there my good friend eHealer. 138 points is a lot. I don't know why they would be making fun of your picks after scoring that many points. I definitely agree with Alphadogg16. I'm looking to keep this topic updated, so stay tuned. Thanks again :)

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks a lot Alphadogg16. I appreciate you stopping by bro.

Alphadogg16 profile image

Alphadogg16 4 years ago from Texas

No problem, Your team looks pretty strong. Ive got Brady (had him last 4 years) Andre Johnson, and Antonio Gates myself.

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

@Alphadogg16. Yea my teams look strong, but I'm going to end up starting out 0-2 in all of my leagues after this week. Some of these players have been very disappointing so far from a fantasy perspective.

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