NFL Sunday Ticket on Directv

Sooner than you realized NFL Football is back on tv again. And if you are a really big football fan, then you want even more football. Your best bet for that is NFL Sunday Ticket from Directv, especially if you want to watch a lot of out of market games, or if your favorite team isn't local. If you're a stats junkie, NFL Sunday Ticket will keep you updated with real-time scores and in-depth stats on both individual players and teams. It also has a feature letting you know about big plays so you can quickly tune into some game-changing action. If you need to get set up with Directv or just want to add NFL games to your programming options, be sure to call 888-925-2387 before you miss out on too many more games.

What do you get with NFL Sunday Ticket?

  • Up to 14 games per week and every Sunday Game
  • Player Tracker - real time stats for up to 9 players of your choice are available anytime
  • Enhanced Games - with your interactive receiver, get real-time scores and updates from other games without interrupting the game you are watching
  • Highlights on Demand - Highlights of NFL Sunday Ticket are automatically downloaded to your DIRECTV DVR every Monday. So watch them whenever you like.
  • NFL Sunday Snap - tune in to channel 700 for real-time stats for the entire league
  • Pre-Game Coaches Show - every Sunday before the game, tune in to hear what the coaches have to say
  • NFL Network - 52 games during the pre-season and 24 hours round-the-clock football coverage, including fantasy football stats

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What is NFL SuperFan?

NFL Superfan is an add-on option when you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket. If you want to watch nearly all of your NFL games in HD, then you want the Superfan addition. 12 games per week are shown in high definition.

In addition to the HD game broadcasts, you also get Supercast with NFL Superfan. For some, this is going to be the whole reason to add on Superfan. Supercast is a dedicated player that lets you watch nearly all of the NFL games on your internet connection. So if you travel a lot you don't need to miss your games, just bring your laptop with you and use your hotel's broadband to stream NFL games to your computer. There's also a web-based version, but the downloadable player is much better and has lots of extra features.

Another nifty feature of Superfan is "Short Cuts". Short Cuts replays entire games and all of its plays without any commercials. The whole thing is compressed into 30 minutes. The replays air on Mondays and Tuesdays several times a day. One of the best things about Short Cuts is that if your local NFL game was blacked out because it didn't sell out, the short replay will still appear on Short Cuts.

NFL Sunday Ticket Prices

This season, NFL Sunday Ticket if included in DIRECTV packages at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

For NFL Sunday Ticket, Directv has an early bird special running until July 31st. You can either make one payment of $279.95 or 5 payments of $55.99. That's a $20 savings over the regular price of $299.95.The Superfan add-on costs an additional $100 for the season.

For Current Directv Specials call

By signing up for Directv, you get:

  • Local channels included
  • No equipment to buy. No start-up costs.
  • Free installation of 4-room system.
  • 100% digital picture and sound on every channel
  • Higher customer satisfaction rating than cable – 8 years running.
  • Free HD or DVR advanced receiver upgrade
  • Free Handling - $20 value (for online orders only)

Stream NFL games with Supercast

Supercast is a result of a partnership between Directv and Sling Media. You can see a demo of how it works on your computer in this video. It is extremely cool!

Is NFL Sunday ticket available on cable?

In Canada, it is, but in the United States the NFL Sunday Ticket package is exclusive to Directv. The agreement between Directv and the National Football League runs until the 2014-2015 and by the time that season is over, Directv will have had NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively for 20 seasons.

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Comments 6 comments

embitca profile image

embitca 7 years ago from Boston Author

Yeah, Canada would be nice. You can basically get NFL Sunday Ticket on any of the cable systems up there. You should switch to Directv though, so much better than cable :)

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 7 years ago

Its that time again for NFL football, I always enjoy the pre-season coverage, Directtv is doing big things and now that everyone has switched from analog to digital HD televisions this feature will be a big hit with NFL Superfans.

Michael Willis profile image

Michael Willis 7 years ago from Arkansas

I have used this package before and loved it!!! A great device for Football Fanatics. lol, I am one of them also.

John P 7 years ago

What is pre-season schedule? Is it on Sunday ticket or NFL network (seems they have few games this year).

embitca profile image

embitca 7 years ago from Boston Author

I believe the preseason games should be available on Sunday Ticket, John. The NFL network should have some games, but not sure how many. I seem to recall there was something on the NFL website about it.

ZanneSaysLetsTalk profile image

ZanneSaysLetsTalk 7 years ago

LOVE NFL Sunday Ticket provided by Directv. I live in KC and my favorite team is the Steelers, so with Directv I get to see all of my beloved Steelers' games.

After all, let's face it, KC residents don't have alot to hope for with the Chiefs.

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