NWO Wolf Pack, The Best Ever

Slideshow of Photos of The NWO Red And Black Wolfpack.

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Kevin Nash, Macho Man Randy Savage, K Dawg, and Lex Luger members of the NWO WolfpackNWO Wolfpack LogoThe Red And Black AttackNWO Wolfpack LogoSting In The NWO WolfpackSting In The NWO WolfpackNWO Wolfpack LogoSting In The NWO WolfpackSting In The NWO WolfpackPoster From The Wolfpack DaysSting Again In The Wolfpack Red And Black
Kevin Nash, Macho Man Randy Savage, K Dawg, and Lex Luger members of the NWO Wolfpack
Kevin Nash, Macho Man Randy Savage, K Dawg, and Lex Luger members of the NWO Wolfpack
NWO Wolfpack Logo
NWO Wolfpack Logo
The Red And Black Attack
The Red And Black Attack
NWO Wolfpack Logo
NWO Wolfpack Logo
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
NWO Wolfpack Logo
NWO Wolfpack Logo
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Sting In The NWO Wolfpack
Poster From The Wolfpack Days
Poster From The Wolfpack Days
Sting Again In The Wolfpack Red And Black
Sting Again In The Wolfpack Red And Black

NWO Wolfpac Entrance Video, Listen to the howl of the wolf and the crowd reaction at the start of the video.

Video Where Sting Joins NWO Wolfpack

Below is one of the high points of the NWO Wolfpack. Sting comes out dressed in a Black And White NWO Shirt and Hulk Hogan thinks he has joined the NWO Black And White. But Sting attacks him and reveals he is wearing the RED And Black of the Wolfpack.

Listen to the crowd as they go wild when Sting reveals he is wearing the Red and Black of the Wolfpack. If you were a NWO Wolfpack fan you'll love the below video. Listen to the sounds of the crowd in this video and you will wonder why the NWO Wolfpack did not get the push it should have. It really could have saved WCW and today we could still be watching WCW today.

Sting Joins NWO Wolfpack And The Crowd Goes Wild

Sting Information You May Not Know

Of all the big time names in professional wrestling Sting has never been in the WWE. When you think about who was the franchise player for the WCW it was Sting. Sting stuck to the WCW to the bitter end and he did not end up with the WWE even though Sting is one of the most popular Wrestlers ever.

He is still with TNA and that is where he says he will retire. He has over the years turned down many offers to come to the WWE but he has always turned them down. Sting has done it all despite the fact that he has never been in the WWE and Sting is most certainly a Hall of Fame Wrestler and will live on in wrestling fans memories for many years to come. There could actually be the argument made that Sting was the greatest wrestler to ever live. Post what you think below.

The NWO Wolf Pack electrified fans and was quite possibly the greatest team of Wrestlers ever put together but they did not get the push they so deserved and most probably was one of the contributing factors that brought about the demise of the WCW. If the Wolfpack had got the push they deserved then WCW might just might still be around today and it might be the WWE that was history.

You could set in a WCW arena or watch a WCW event that included the NWO Wolfpack on TV and the crowd would just simply come to life when the howl of the NWO Wolfpack would sound throughout the stadium. Simply put the Wolfpack put people in the seats but the owners of the WCW chose to go other ways.

I still see people wearing the colors of the Wolfpack and many of them wish that the Wolfpack could be put back together again. Unfortuntly that is unlikely to happen. Especially in the days of the WWE and Vincent Kennedy McMahan.

NWO Wolfpack And What Happened

Eric Bishoff and the politics involved at the time in WCW is the reason the Wolfpack did not get the push they should have. Bishoff made sure that he kept Hulk Hogan happy and Hogan could not be happy if one of the Wolfpack members was wearing the WCW World Heavyweight title. Bishoff promised Hogan he would keep him wearing the title and Bishoff did everything he could to keep the Wolfpack on the back burner and out of the spotlight even though it was very obvious that the Wolfpack was the crowd favorite.

But even today after all the time has passed and the WCW is no more the NWO Wolfpack is still one of if not the number 1 wrestling fan crowd favorite of all time. Just think about this. If the NWO Wolfpack had have gotten the push they should have the WWE might not exist today. And Vincent Kennedy McMahon might be off the air and a lot poorer today. But it was not to be. The NWO Wolfpack was put to the side and Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan watched as WCW ended.

WCW Nitro - Lex Luger joins nWo Wolfpac. Listen to this crowd as it goes wild.

The Story Of The NWO Wolfpack. How It All Happened. Listen To The Crowd Noises.

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Robert Sommers 4 years ago

there was not a white wolf pack ever it was called nwo hollywood, the red and black nwo was the better of the two factions, off all the nwo factions to ever come out in professional wrestling, godberg already stated that he w3as never going to go work for vince mcmahon, Batista is going into mma

Nick 5 years ago



lab nWo 5 years ago

need the nwo back period along with scott steiner4life

clay 5 years ago

need nwo back to wwe

optimus grimlock profile image

optimus grimlock 5 years ago

4-horsemen was better but nwo was crazier!!! There were coming things happened at the height of wrestling and allowed the wcw to beet the wwf in ratings. I remember stitching back inforth between wcw and raw!!!

German Fan 5 years ago

I love Kevin Nash. He was the best all over! He was fair and have had flair. My HERO! ;-) Thanx 4 this Page! **Nash 4 Pres**

zack 5 years ago

this is a cool vidoe

Da Bart 6 years ago

NWO four life and I gust I mean it

IFD1253 profile image

IFD1253 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN


Steve 6 years ago

It was so stupid that the Wolfpac suddenly became evil again. I remember being so devastated - I stopped watching shortly after. It was so annoying the way the bad side always won. There was no explanation at all - it was just discarded. Well, the fans discarded WCW and now it's in the archives. If they had kept the Wolfpac, I might still be a fan today!

shaun 6 years ago

man i miss those days.

thepacmeister 7 years ago

yeah man! they sure were the bestest fackshion ever. but man haven't you seen the films with hogan and nash?! it was all a set up! It wasn't bischoffs fault...nash screwed the wolfpac! the world needs to know man! i love big sexayyy but he def ruined the wolfpac 4 me n u n wrestling fans everywhere. if he didnbt exist the wcw will still be the best ever and stupid wwe wouldn't win and mcmahan would be a pansy out of work piece of trash nd wed be watching goldberg versus stone cold on nitro still man. i think out of work pepol are losers and mcmahan sure is a loser 2 so he should be 1 of em lol. nd yahh i def agree wit 100389 cuz the nwo doin they thing was tight cept in wwf cause then nash and hall were just bowing down 2 hogan again as always. heard a rumor tho that the kilq backstage r still trying to get sum money from guys like undertaker to restart wcw. do you think it could happen man? i sure hope so we need nitro back almost as bad as we need the xfl lol jk nah but srsly nitro wuld b awesome dude. neways keep updating this site with all the latest wolfpac news nd vids its real cool. congrats cz the internet needed this lol. i think im gonna make 1 for disco inferno nd the cat nd gorgeous george OWWW OWWW. i used to have 1 4 macho man but i don't nemore but ooooh yeeeahhh im allabout the madness still snap into a slim jim...hurd he mite be baq 4 wrestlemania 2 fite rowdy piper. u hear bout that? we need 2 def discuss all this. neways whoo wz ur fav wolf in the pac? im guessin sting? lol i liked luger. i got posters of him still all over mah room. im def 1 of those people still reppin the black and red. i wear it like everyday and ppl r lyk whos on ur shirt nd im lyk R U SERIOUS?! THAT'S LEX LUGER FROM THE NWO WOLFPAC nd they're always lyk wolfpac? nd im lyk WAAAAAAAAT>?!?!?! THE WOLFPAC IS 44444 LYYYYYYFFFFFFF or either that or they be all lyk oooooh yeaaaaah man im so down with the pac still where have they been? newwyas wrapping this up now take it easy man and keep it up, mayb do lyk a where r they now thing lol thatd be cool to see i know a lot of ppl r wonderin that. p.s. in the royal rumble promo i swear i been hearin wolf howls...do u think they could be comin back at #30??? i know sting said hes staying in tna but what if they invaded to ruin the rumble and the kliq remade wcw? stay tuned man i think were on 2 sumthin cz vince is listenin nd hes scared of this site lol. wolfpac baq at the rumble OOOOOH YEAAHHHHHHHH

100389 profile image

100389 7 years ago from Anderson Sc

What's up i like this hub,i like them when nwo was doing they thing.i remember the time nwo had came to wwf and just acted a fool.alright take it easy

sublime 7 years ago

Ahh, I miss the Wolfpack, those were the good ol' days lol Thanks for setting up this site, definitely a good nostalgia fix :)

Callum1 profile image

Callum1 7 years ago

i cant remember but wasn’t there a red wolf pack and a white wolf pack?

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