Nasty Basketball Vertical Jumping Workouts - For Serious Dunkers Only !

A dunk is only as spectacular when you combined strength, power and flair into them.
A dunk is only as spectacular when you combined strength, power and flair into them.

What Nasty Vertical Jumping Workouts Is About

If there is one way to go, go for vertical jumping workouts that adds power and hops. Here's why, jumping high enough to dunk is one thing, but if you can't combine strength and flair into your dunks, your presence can be grouped into what I call - "non-existence".

Look at past great players who are able to get high up enough to dunk a basketball... yet almost no one else remember them as a dunker. Reggie Miller, Larry Bird... don't get me wrong. They are great legendary players.

But the thing is, if you have a serious and dominating personality, if you want to be seen as someone not to be reckon with... be in the league of serious and powerful dunkers like Lebron James and Dwight Howard... then you have to adopt vertical jumping workouts that adds power, strength... and at the same time, increases your vertical jump.

You can find out the secret to increase your vertical jump here: Advance Hardcore Vertical Workouts

Lebron James doing his usual power dunk that is virtually unstoppable due to his strength and power
Lebron James doing his usual power dunk that is virtually unstoppable due to his strength and power

Nasty Vertical Jump Workouts That Adds Strength And Power

So, you want to walk this path of being a serious powerful force in basketball. I applaud your courage... but are you ready to take on the challenge of these tough workouts that increases hops and build massive strength ?

Only time will tell...

1) The Olympic Lift - What has this weightlifting training got to do with vertical leap ?


Olympic weightlifting, when executed properly, requires all the muscle group from your ankles to your hip. That is to say, you are building jumping power from your ankles up to your hips. The resistance from the weights further strengthen your leg muscles, thus allowing you to increase your vertical jump even further

In case you are still wondering, this workout routine is constantly used by NBA superstar Lebron James - enough said.

2) Full Back Squats - Full back squats is known to be one of the most hardcore leg training workouts that adds massive strength to your quads and hamstring.

This nasty workout builds up the strength in the core group of muscles that is used during a jump. In other words, by strengthening these core with weight resistance, you inevitably add inches to your hops and at the same time, gain strength and muscles for a fundamentally balance base.

3) The Depth Jump - This routine is an adaption of the plyometric training used for training NBA players and professional players all around the world.

The depth jump trains your fast twitch muscles, so that they will add explosiveness into your jump when called upon. Now, imagine how much higher you are able to jump when you combine the routine of full back squats and depth jump together.

Did I mention that power = strength x speed ? With great strength, your growth potential is practically unlimited.

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Rebound specialist 6 years ago

It is also important to have good timing in your vertical jump. Some high jumpers in basketball is outdone by other players because they timed their jump wrong.

leapingman baseball trophy 6 years ago

I wanna jump high!!! Like Spud Webb! Help me please!

bboy 2 years ago

Spud web stated that he increased his vert by practicing jumping as high as he could every day. I tried it. When done properly it's results are slow but effective.

profile image

AsiaeDube 6 months ago from Los Angeles, CA 90071

Learning how to jump higher in volleyball or Basketball is very important. Why is it important? Because it's the one thing that differentiates between a good player and a bad one. Because when you jump higher you serve better, you block better, and you pass the ball better.

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