New Manchester United kit 2012/2013

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The new 2012/2013 kit

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Manchester United just released the new kit for the forth coming season. Its still red (Of course) but this time has a slightly tartan theme etched all the way through it. This year sees the return of the black v-neck style, reminisent of the black crew cut look of the 2010/2011 home kit but with a different shape, which i salute because i wasn't much a fan of the circular neck area on the 10/11 kit. Aside from that the logo and the badge are in very much the same place.

The shorts are white and the kit is finished off with black socks.. Could this be the kit that is seen for years to come in pictures depicting another glorious trebble for the first time since 1999?

"Why do Football clubs release kits every year, they are just trying to make money, the game has been ruined by commercialism"


Ok so, i'm not saying this is strictly untrue, i'm sure the designated money men within top premier league clubs do lick the lips every time a new kit comes out at the merchandising sales but don't you get bored of wearing the same kit all year? its new its fresh its exciting..

I like having a new kit once a year, when the new season comes around, we have a transfer or two, a new kit and there comes that feeling that, any failures from last year are forgotten, this is a new start, a clean slate and this is our chance to take a clean sweep of the trophys again, we will be back in the Champions league and the adventure will start again. For me a new season without a NEW kit, just isn't the same. So wether or not its done for commercial reasons who gives a crap, in fact great! more money to the club can only be a good thing.


The new kit range is called 'Gingham' this is a reference to the chequered tartan styling, Liam Gallagher a die hard Manchester City fan may not be too happy with united going Gingham after him sporting a lot of Gingham for himself and his clothing range 'Pretty Green' in the past.
Gingham would appear not just to be a choice of style but a statement as the club of the people of Manchester, as Gingham production began in Manchester in the 1800's, so if anything it's an homage to Manchester itself


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2012/2013 Socks & Shorts

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Comments 24 comments

ramtea snafy ralte 4 years ago

champion is my aim

ARSLAN BAIG 4 years ago


Akpan solomon 4 years ago

Man u should buy at least one defender, one attacker and one midfielder so that they will be able to win the premier league this season. From nigeria.

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

Definetly Agree with needing to buy a midfielder

A nigerian midfielder? :D

Some african physicality!

trojan 4 years ago

man u is good but the coach is nt good red d for lifes

seh1101 profile image

seh1101 4 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

I'm impartial on this kit. I feel like Nike are simply recycling designs. I like the tartan design, but I just feel a little short-changed. I haven't bought a Utd kit since they dropped AIG. I'm starting to consider a keeper shirt at this point in time...

Kalfan 4 years ago

I luv u red devils

sir chigo 4 years ago

man u should buy midfielders at least 2 so dat our mid field wil be strong and 4 us 2 win the EPL next season

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

Weve just bought Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell who are both Attacking Central Midfielders, So 2013 looks good


Johnson jiing 4 years ago

Iam aman utd fane

realistic 4 years ago

We are not going to win the title, so they gave us a shite design.. lets face it!! glory hunters.. that way to get your chelsea kits

Anas H.wakili soba 4 years ago

Manutd have to sign modric and sneijder

Onward 4 years ago

2 midfdrs and 1 stylsh player on attack it wl hlp us to take the league

lawrence 4 years ago

man u should get Van persie please.

kuyu manchester 4 years ago

manchester united nomero uno

Abubakar Dr 4 years ago

Up! Up!! Up!!! Mtd let's go 4 anoda tropic dis season.

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

Currently Rooney is the fans first choice to be on the back of the new shirt

1. Rooney

2. Hernandez

3. Beckham (For the Nostalgic fans)

man u fan 4 years ago

rooney is most overrated player of all time! we should cash in and go buy a striker who can net 30+ goals a season cause that fat scouser never will. i rate micheal owen who we just let go higher!

man u fan 4 years ago

and leighton baines no thank u hes not good enough for united

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

He did get 27 EPL goals last season in his defence

omar 4 years ago

i like wayne rooney he is the number 1 player that i like and every uniform i buy i will get wayne rooney name on the back of the t-shirt...

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

With 22% of the votes so far, Rooney would appear to be the most popular choice.

emmanuel 4 years ago

thanks for your competiteve in primier league season 2012/2013, if you will in Africa paticular our country (Rwanda) i will give you a cow for each player of man united because i love so much.

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

Ha is that how much Rooney is worth? :P 1 cow?

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