Nick Diaz Next Fight

Nick Diaz's Next Fight

No opponent has been announced yet.

Diaz vs Lacy

Boxing vs. MMA. Here we go again. The last time we saw fighters from both disciplines go against each other, they fought inside the UFC octagon. It was Randy Couture, a decorated UFC legend versus James Toney, a beast of a boxer who can knock people out with one punch. Toney was so confident he can land a punch on Couture's forehead, knock him out, win the fight and prove that pure boxers are better fighters than their MMA counterparts. Randy Couture believed him so he immediately took the fight to the ground by taking down Toney the moment the bell rang to mark the start of the first round. Couture knew it, he'll be knocked out if Toney lands a punch on him so he wasn't going to let that happen.

It was pathetic. Toney, as expected, couldn't do anything on his back. He was like a very fat man who can't even get himself up from his bed. Couture went on to submit him with so much ease. MMA fans are shouting “MMA fighters are better.” as loud as they can. Because of his performance, Couture was awarded a black belt in jiu jitsu by his team. This too was pathetic.

Randy Couture won. But does this mean MMA won over boxing? No. Couture won over the MMA fighter version of a boxer. The fight was held in an MMA octagon after all. Couture fought a fellow MMA fighter, not a boxer. The only time you fight a boxer is inside the boxing ring. Let us turn the tables and think of the fight happening inside the boxing ring, Toney's hometown. If Toney knocks out Couture, which is very likely, this doesn't mean Toney defeated an MMA fighter. He simply defeated the boxer version of an MMA fighter. So this debate about MMA fighters being better than boxers or boxers being more superior than MMA fighters is impractical. We'll have to admit though that it is indeed very interesting and fun pitting them against each other.

This brings us to the rumored fight between Nick Diaz and Jeff Lacy. Another accomplished MMA regular against a dangerous boxer-puncher. Unlike the Couture-Toney fight, this one's going to happen inside the boxing ring. This will without a doubt fire up the debate. If you watch the fights of Nick Diaz, he is a stand-up fighter. He'd rather trade punches with you than wrestle you to the ground. So this makes this proposed bout very interesting. Diaz can punch and he is a knockout artist. But can he carry these attributes to the boxing ring where he will have to use much thicker gloves. One interesting fact about Diaz is that he once fought as a boxer and he won the fight via unanimous decision. Was this an unlucky night or he simply can't knock you out with boxing gloves?

Jeff Lacy, Diaz's rumored opponent is an accomplished boxer. He's a big guy with a big punch. Although he's lost most of his recent fights, he's still a top contender in the sport. Will he demolish Diaz as most people expects? Or will Diaz knock him out the way he knocks people out in MMA.

Only time will tell. And one thing's for sure, fight freaks will be watching.

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