Notes on a Steadily Chaotic Culture

Skateboards hundreds of years from now


I wonder what future civilizations will theorize upon the discovery of our skateboard parks. They will obviously have an understanding of our general application of hand rails, but will probably be plagued by confusion when observing how low they are to the ground.


The sudden visual puzzle of vertical ramps will more than likely beg some sort of miscomprehension of “early man’s” desire to reach the heavens. Upon the eventual uncovering of skateboards themselves either the simple connection will be made or the shroud of mystery will continue to thicken as they marvel at this crude “transportation apparatus” or “labor support device” of a far-gone era.


It will probably never be recognized for its generations or providing a recreational activity for millions or as a cornerstone laid humbly by a lifestyle-seeking dynasty of class-war ridden heirs.

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