Oakland Raiders’ All-Time Receiving TD Leaders

The Oakland Raiders began play in 1960 in the AFL, and merged into the NFL in 1970. The team moved to Los Angeles in 1982, and back to Oakland in 1995. The Raiders played in the second Super Bowl and lost to Green Bay, but overall have been to the big game five times and have won three of those. The Raiders have a history of winning, and also have a history of being brash and “bad-boy-ish.” They also have had volatile owner Al Davis the entire time, an owner who has sometimes made, um, interesting decisions. Anyway, here is a short list of the Raiders’ all-time leaders in receiving touchdowns to date:

Tim Brown (99)—Tim Brown played for the Raiders most of his career, from 1988 to 2003, and he ranks first in their history with 99 touchdown catches. Brown made the Pro Bowl nine times, and while he led the NFL with 104 catches in 1997 for a career high 1408 receiving yards, he only had 5 TD catches that season. So you could argue that Brown’s best overall season was 2000. That year, he caught 76 passes for 1128 yards with a career best 11 TDs.

Fred Biletnikoff (76)—Fred Biletnikoff played for the Raiders his entire career, from 1965 to 1978, and he ranks second in franchise history with 76 TD receptions. Biletnikoff had arguably his best season in 1969, when he was a first team All Pro. That year, he caught 54 passes for 837 yards for a career high 12 touchdown catches.

Cliff Branch (67)—Cliff Branch played for the Raiders his entire career, from 1972 to 1985, and he ranks second in team history with 67 touchdown catches. Branch was a first team All Pro three straight years, from 1974 through 1976. His best season was probably 1974, when Branch had career highs in catches (60) and touchdown receptions (13) with 1092 receiving yards. The yardage and TDs led the NFL that year.

Art Powell (50)—Art Powell played in Oakland from 1963 to 1966, and he ranks fourth in Raiders’ history with 50 TD catches. Powell had his best season in 1963, when he was a first team All Pro. That year, he caught 73 passes for 1304 yards and a career high 16 touchdowns. The yards and TDs led the AFL that season as well.

Warren Wells (42)—Warren Wells played for the Raiders from 1967 to 1970, and he ranks fifth in franchise history with 42 touchdown catches. Wells had his best season in 1969, when he caught 47 passes for career highs in receiving yards (1260) and TD catches (14). The yards and touchdowns led the AFL that year, as did Well’s remarkable 26.8 yards-per-catch average.

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Great Hub Nashville G-man. I just finished a hub on the guy at #1 on your list, Tim Brown. Check it out http://hubpages.com/sports/Raider-Greats-of-the-Pa... if you get a chance.

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