ODBRANA Organization: A New Age of Self Defense and Hand to Hand Combat


Tactical Defense System / Hand To Hand Combat

ODBRANA Organization – A New Age of Self-Defense & Hand-to-Hand Combat

ODBRANA is ambitiously founded by Mr. Vladimir Djordjevic – a U.S. martial arts hall of famer with extravagant achievements in the world of self defense and hand to hand combat – to instruct highly effective self-defense tactics that can be easily learned and applied in everyday situations.

ODBRANA is a tactical defense system that prepares you to defend yourself from multiple attackers with or without weapons. It trains you to act with caution and be always aware of your surroundings. It teaches you to fight for your survival rather than to give up. And besides these essential hand-to-hand self defense tactics, it trains you to skillfully disarm your enemies with rifles, guns, knives, batons, or bats.

And what sets ODBRANA apart is that it is designed to be learned by everyone as it puts no limits on your gender, age, height, or weight.

More about the Man behind ODBRANA Tactical Defense System

Mr. Vladimir Djordjevic has spent a total 34 vigorous years on the art of self-defense. He has been successfully teaching Jiu Jitsu, Real Aikido, and Tactical Training as a chief instructor in Canada, United States, and South America for more than a decade.

He is an American citizen with Serbian descent. In his early years, he served in a couple of Para-military forces of Serbia and was also the head of security for the Netherlands Embassy & Central Committee Tower in Serbia.

Mr. V holds the privilege of being featured on CBS2 TV as the most successful and recognized rape prevention instructor. He has been well-recognized as one of the leading instructors for various para-military forces and law enforcement agencies around the globe.

He cannot be called a conventional old-school martial arts instructor. He has singled out numerous original self-defense techniques and has revitalized and purified them to effectively control modern-day hostile situations.

Programs offered by ODBRANA Organization

ODBRANA Tactical Defense System offers the following essential self-defense programs:

Fight Choreography:

A Fight Choreographer is a highly skilled martial artist who has successfully learned and practiced to perform physical combat without harming anyone. In other words, fight choreography is about learning to fight like a stunt man.

There’s always a high demand of talented choreographers in Hollywood, and becoming a certified ODBRANA choreographer is what can set you apart in auditions of the next edition of James Bond, GI-Joe, Die Hard, or Matrix.

Wilderness Survival:

This program is designed to teach you all the essential tactics of surviving in a forest, park, or a wilderness trail. For outdoor activities fads, this is a must-learn program.

It will teach you how to navigate in these wild areas using GPS, compass, or map. Offbeat communicating methods like signal mirror, whistle, and others will also be introduced.

Other noteworthy topics of this program include clothing, lighting, first aid, food, water, and shelter.

Health and Safety:

It is a joint venture of ODBRANA and ProCPR.org. It offers hours long training videos that prepare you to earn a CPR certificate.

This program offers high quality, legitimate Heath and Safety training that adheres the guidelines by American Health Association and is also recognized and approved by various accrediting organizations.

ODBRANA Strength and Power Program:

This program is designed to strengthen your physical and mental endurance. It requires you to go through multiple sessions of numerous exercising techniques including Squat, Deadlift, Barbell Row, Overhead Press and Bench Press.

ODBRANA Strength and Power Program is divided into three phases. Phase 1 and 2 are three months long (with one week off), while phase 3 requires a training of 5 months (with two weeks off).

The Executive Protection / Bodyguard Program:

The executive protection program requires intense level of physical fitness even for ex-military servicemen as it grants you the important role of protecting a client. It trains you to efficiently confront attackers at any instant in a close-quarter or outside environment.

Bodyguard program makes use of a dynamic training that focuses not only on your upper-body strength, but also your aerobic activity.

It teaches you everything from tactical training and weapons handling, to organizational and threat-management skills.

The Body Guard Training is not just about being fit. It strictly focuses on the fundamentals of defense and law enforcement training including sound decision-making, skillful weapon handling, proper breathing, and efficient positioning tactics.

Combat Shooting:

Combat shooting is a modern-day martial art that enables you to use handguns as tool for your self defense. This is yet another program of great importance offered by ODBRANA Organization.

Rape Prevention:

ODBRANA Rape Prevention Program is called T.R.A.P. (Tactical Rape Assault Program) and is tasked to make women capable of ruthlessly hunting sexual predators.

The idea of developing a Rape Prevention Program came into Mr. V’s mind when he was shocked to know that there wasn’t a single rape prevention or rehabilitation center in the United States that could instruct how to tackle a real life sexual assault.

Mr. Vladimir believes that we cannot rely on the false sense of security offered by our law enforcement agencies and that we have to make our own selves capable of dealing with such not-so-ideal situations.

Little Tigers:

In order to help teens and kids of ages between 5-15 to stay away from nasty gangs and drug addicts, it is important to induce qualities like self growth, discipline, confidence and awareness in them. And that’s exactly what ODBRANA Little Tigers Program is designed for.

Apart from providing children with necessary self-defense training, more emphasis is being put on their mental and moral education to help them emerge as a strong and versatile person in the society.

Real Aikido:

Real Aikido is a martial art developed by combining the best techniques from Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Aikido as a perfect self defense mechanism.

The core concept of Real Aikido is to use your enemy’s own power and gravity against him, while protecting your own self from injuries.

This program is a must-learn for bodyguards and even for an average citizen as it is quite easy to be applied in everyday situations.

TDS Fitness:

TDS Fitness is a military themed fitness bootcamp geared towards improving your overall health, getting your body in shape, and increasing your self-confidence through a specialized training and a lot of hard work.

ODBRANA has had a hard time convincing all their accommodation providers to make the bootcamp as affordable as it can. And they guarantee that you’ll get same level of attention and quality that you could get on a high-profile bootcamp.


A popular self-defense and general fitness sport, Kickboxing is another modern martial art developed by combining the best traits of Karate, Muay Thai, and Western Wrestling.

The Kickboxing Program offered by ODBRANA is accessible for everyone. From kids, to adults and elderly people of both genders, anybody can learn it and make himself an invincible self-defender.

Wrapping it up

In today’s highly unpredictable world, it’s all about defending yourself and those you care about.

A proper self-defense training is what can help men and women of all ages boost their confidence and improve their physical and mental endurance.

And ODBRANA Tactical Defense System is indeed a quality place to learn and practice tactical self defense and hand-to-hand combat.


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