Olympic Games ASCII Text Art: Olympic Rings and the Olympic Torch

Small Size Olympic Torch and Rings for 2012
Small Size Olympic Torch and Rings for 2012 | Source

What do you think about when you think about the Olympic Games?

I think about the history of the Olympics, the people who have come and gone as athletes, family and friends, coaches. I even think about the ancient Olympians, the marathon runners who ran themselves to death passing the torch. For this reason, the Olympic torch really symbolizes the Olympic Games for me. The fire kept ever burning. (Or as close to ever burning as humanly possible).

Will you be watching the Olympics this year? I like to watch some of them, but I'm not a sports fan usually. I still like to see people work hard, try hard and I like to see people win or lose graciously, with good sportsmanship. Isn't that what the Olympics really are about - sportsmanship and bringing the world together.

Olymic Rings in ASCII Art

Olympic Torch in ASCII Art

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