Olympique de Marseille

Official Name: Olympique de Marseille

President: Pape Diouf 

Secretary: Pierre Dantin 

Coach: Albert Emon 

Press Officer: Nathalie Paoli 

Telephone: (+33) 491 76 56 09

Address: La Commanderie 33 traverse de la Martine 13012 Marseille 

E-mail: "contacts" link on bottom right corner of http://www.om.net

Fax: (+33) 491 76 91 29 

UEFA Intertoto Cup winner: 2005, 2006

Uniform: White

Alternative uniform: light blue

Ligue 2 Championship winner: 1994, 1995

UEFA Champions League winner: 1993 

Ligue 1 Championship winner: 1937, 1948, 1971, 1972, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992

Coupe des France (French Cup) winner: 1924, 1926, 1927, 1935, 1938, 1943, 1969, 1972, 1976, 1989

1899: Foundation of Olympique de Marseille

1902: Football begun to be played within the sports club of Olympique de Marseille 

1904: New stadium: Stade de l'Huveaune

1923: New manager: Peter Farmer

1924: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner 

1925: New manager: Victor Gibson

1926: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1927: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1929: New manager: Gilles Tanguy

1932: New manager: Charlie Bell

1933: New manager: Vinzenz Dittrich

1935: New manager: József Eisenhoffer, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1937: New stadium: Stade Vélodrome, Ligue 1 Championship winner

1938: New manager: Willy Kohut and André Gascard, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1939: New manager: József Eisenhoffer

1941: New manager: André Gascard

1942: New manager: Paul Seitz, New manager: André Blanc and Joseph Gonzales

1943: New manager: Laurent Henric, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1944: New manager: Joseph Gonzales, New manager: Paul Wartel

1946: New manager: Jules Dewaqez

1947: New manager: József Zilisy

1948: Ligue 1 Championship winner 

1949: New manager: Auguste Jordan

1950: New manager: Henri Roessler

1954: New manager: Roger Rolhion, Coupe des France finalist

1956: New manager: Jean Robin

1958: New manager: József Zilisy,  New manager: Louis Maurer

1959: New manager: Lucien Troupel, Relegated to Ligue 2

1962: New manager: Otto Glória, New manager: Armand Penverne, New manager: Luis Miró, Promoted to Ligue 1

1963: New manager: Jean Robin, Relegated to Ligue 2

1964: New manager: Mario Zatelli

1965: New president: Marcel Leclec, Promotion to Ligue 1

1966: New manager: Robert Domergue

1968: New manager: Mario Zatelli

1969: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner 

1971: New manager: Lucien Leduc, Ligue 1 Championship winner

1972: New manager: Mario Zatelli, New manager: Kurt Linder, Ligue 1 Championship winner, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1973: New manager: Mario Zatelli, New manager: Joseph Bonnel, New manager: Fernando Riera, Relegated to Ligue 2

1974: New manager: Jules Zvunka

1976: New manager: José Arribas, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1977: New manager: Jules Zvunka, New manager: Ivan Marković

1978: New manager: Jules Zvunka

1980: New manager: Jean Robin, New manager: Albert Batteux

1981: New manager: Roland Gransart

1984: New manager: Pierre Cahuzac, Promoted to Ligue 1

1985: New manager: Žarko Olarević

1986: April 12: New president: Bernard Tapie, New manager: Gérard Banide

1988: New manager: Gérard Gili

1989: Ligue 1 Championship winner, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1990: New manager: Franz Beckenbauer, Ligue 1 Championship winner

1991: New manager: Raymond Goethals, New manager: Tomislav Ivić,  New manager: RAymond Goethals, UEFA Champions League finalist, Ligue 1 Championship winner

1992: New manager: Jean Fernandez, New manager: Raymond Goethals, Ligue 1 Championship winner

1993: New manager: Marc Bourrier, UEFA Champions League winner

1994: New manager: Gérard Gili, Relegated to Ligue 2 (forced due to mach fixing scandal), Ligue 2 Championship winner

1995: New manager: Henri Stambouli and Luka Peruzović, New manager: Henri Stambouli, New manager: Gérard Gili, Ligue 2 Championship winner

1996: Promotion of Ligue 1

1997: New manager: Rolland Courbis

1998: Development of Stade Vélodrome 

1999: New manager: Bernard Casoni, UEFA Cup finalist

2000: New manager: Abel Braga, New manager: Albert Emon and Christophe Galtier, New manager: Javier Clemente

2001: New manager: Tomislav Ivić (from Croatia), New manager: José Anigo, New manager: Marc Lévy and Josip Skoblar, New manager: Tomislav Ivić, New manager: Zoran Vujović, New manager: Albert Emon

2002: New manager: Alain Perrin

2004: New manager: José Anigo, New manager: Albert Emon, New manager: Pilippe Troussier, UEFA Cup finalist (lost against spanish Valencia)

2005: New manager: Jean Fernandez, UEFA Intertoto Cup winner

2006: New manager: Albert Emon, UEFA Intertoto Cup winner

2007: New manager: Eric Gerets, May: Coupe des France finalist (lost against FC Sochaux-Montbéliard in penalties after 2-2 draw after extra time)

2009: New manager: Didier Deschamps

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