Orbex Hand Warmer

The Orbex Jon-E Hand Warmer is a classic passed down from generation to generation. These are fuel based hand warmers that you actually lite up and will run for hours on a single fill.

To use an Orxben or Jon-e style hand warmer is pretty straight forward: first you pull off the upper half of the unit to expose the cotton like material, you pour a capful of the hand warmer fuel into theĀ material and let it absorb inĀ and then slide the top portion back on.

Then simply light the wick material and let it burn for a minute or two and place the flame guard back on the orbex unit, at this point the flame will go out but if you look at it closely you will notice that the wick will glow red hot indicating the unit is burning properly. Sometimes the unit will go out at this point but may take a few minutes to cool off, and if it does simply light it again and repeat.

After lighting you should put the orbex in the included cloth satchel and tighten up the drawstrings, you always want to put it in the satchel to prevent overheating, make it easier to handle without burning yourself and regulate air supply so it will burn longer.

You should get a good couple hours of burn time from one refueling depending on how much air you provide the unit. If it gets to hot simply cinch down the opening of the satchel using the draw strings to choke off the air supply.


Robert L. Easton 6 years ago

Where can I buy 20+ Jon-E hand warmers to give as Christmas presents?

outdoorjunkie profile image

outdoorjunkie 6 years ago from California Author

If your local sporting goods or outdoor store doesn't cary them (most do) and ASK if you can but a large quantity from them, then I would give eBay a try and just ask the seller if they have the quantity you want.

steve macarthur 6 years ago

where can i buy wicks( model 7070)for my jon-e handwarmer

outdoorjunkie profile image

outdoorjunkie 6 years ago from California Author


Here is a link for buying replacement wicks:


curious 5 years ago

what kind of fuel does it use?

outdoorjunkie profile image

outdoorjunkie 4 years ago from California Author


You can buy "Jon-E" brand fuel that will work in a Jon-E or Orbex hand warmer.

Ed Gilmore 4 years ago

I have 2 Orbex Jon E hand warmers. After I load them with fuel and lite them I let them sit till they get too hot to handle then put them in the flanel bags. They go out. How do I correct the problem?

outdoorjunkie profile image

outdoorjunkie 3 years ago from California Author


If it burns normally outside the pouch, my guess is the hand warmer is not getting enough air when placed in the pouch... try not cinching it down as tight.

Lance 3 years ago

Where can a person find replacement burners/catalysts for these now?

Ed Gilmore 12 months ago

Same problem as 3 years ago. One warmer heats up fine .The other doesn't heat when it's not even in a pouch.

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