Pacquiao magic lives on

Pacquiao vs Cotto
Pacquiao vs Cotto

Pacquiao's Power

Fourteenth of November, 2009, the day every boxing enthusiast all over the world has been waiting for. The day every Filipino located any where in the world, boxing enthusiasts or not, are excited about. This is the day that fate will decide Manny Pacquiao’s win or loss over Miguel Cotto and his seventh boxing title.

While it’s November 14 in the US, here in the Philippines is the 15th of November. I woke up this morning at 6:00 am, excited over Pacquiao’s fight with Cotto. Surfed the net first then woke my husband up to prepare for Araneta Coliseum. This is our chosen venue where to watch the fight. We have watched his fights before in different venues. We’ve watched it in the cinemas, restaurant, mall, and now the coliseum. I realized we arrived early since there are still plenty of empty seats. After an hour, the 30 x 30 feet screen became alive and everybody inside the big dome cheered. The primer was shown, four or five under card fights were aired before THE big fight. When the last under card fight ended, everybody cheered again, this time chanting the name Manny! Manny! Manny!

Each and every person inside the coliseum, including me, is excited for the game to begin. At last, the bell sounded, signifying the start of the fight. All of us were hushed watching the two powerful boxers assessing each other’s capacity. Silence was broken when Manny threw the first solid punch on Cotto’s face. Now the fans were wild.

Punches were thrown left and right. More solid punches were coming from Pacquiao. Cotto went down twice, first, in the third round, the second one, during the fourth round. By this time, Cotto’s face was black and blue and was swelling from the punches he received from Manny. The fight reached the twelfth round, and we thought that decision will be based on the scorecards. Fifty five seconds has elapsed in the twelfth round, the referee stopped the fight, declaring Cotto unfit to continue the fight. Manny is the winner! All of us inside the coliseum were cheering. We were ecstatic! Seven belts in different weight categories, he has become the living legend in the boxing history.

But why does every Filipino goes ga-ga over Pacquiao? He has this ability of uniting all the Filipinos in the world. Police even said that zero-crime rate always registers every time he has a fight. Go to the streets and you will notice that few people are outside. Most of the people are inside their houses, in the cinemas, in a bar, watching the fight. All-out support is given to this person who has the ability of inspiring his fellowmen. It is like magic and I personally, just hope, that the magic lives on, even if he is no longer boxing.


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