Pactards: Who Are They?


The Pactards were born.

The Pactards came to be, thanks to the rivalry between the supporters of Manny Pacquiao and the supporters of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Manny Pacquiao going head to head against Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside the squared ring. This is without a doubt a ring confrontation that everybody would love, no, die to see. Unfortunately, every time we hear the names of Pacquiao and Mayweather spoken together, it's always another reason to believe that we won't be seeing the fight anytime soon if we'll ever get to see it at all. Olympic drug-testing. Pacquiao not wanting a piece of Mayweather's craftiness. Mayweather afraid that the Pacman will be the one to take the big “0” from him. Pacquiao using performance-enhancing drugs. Mayweather trying to price himself out of the fight by asking for US$100 million dollars to fight. The list goes on. To add to the problem, it's very hard to determine which of these are true and which are nothing but blatant and shameful lies.

The rivalry now extends beyond Team Pacquiao and Team Mayweather. Supporters of each boxer are constantly attacking each other as well. These fan fights are done mostly online. Hardcore Pacquiao fans (the Pactards) vs. hardcore Mayweather fans (there is no definite term used to refer to them). Just visit a boxing blog or a boxing forum and you will see the heat there. Find an article that mentions Pacquiao and Mayweather, scroll down to the comments section and you'll be surprised how far the fans will go to defend the fighter of their choice.

Racist boxing fans.

The Pactards are often accused of racism, not only by the supporters of Mayweather but by everyone including boxing scribes. It's a favorite topic for boxing writers to pen articles that compare the strengths and weaknesses of two fighters then try to predict the outcome of the bout if they were to square off against each other. This happens a lot to Pacquiao and Mayweather. When it does, it would be another venue for a Pactard and a Mayweather supporter to wage their battles. This often leads to racist comments and forum posts.

If you are to look into the online exchanges between the two, there is no doubt that they are rife with racist commentaries. Manny Pacquiao is Asian and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is African-American. So if you're either of these nationalities, you'll find the comment threads to be, well, racist.

Shane Mosley vs Manny Pacquiao.

Come May 7, Mosley and Pacquiao will be slugging it out against each other at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This seems to be intensifying the heat between the Pactards and Mayweather's fans. Well, it will surely get worse at the end of the fight on May 7. As every boxing fan knows, Mosley was dominantly outboxed by Mayweather last year. As of now, people are saying Pacquiao is eating Mayweather's leftovers. So it will be interesting how the rivalry between the fans will play out if Pacquiao does what Mayweather wasn't able to do – STOP Mosley. And if Mosley pulls off a huge UPSET.

Mayweather's supporters and the Pactards will surely be tuning in and hoping that their man wins so they can lambaste each other.

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