Perch Fishing in Essex

The British Record Perch
The British Record Perch

Essex is home to some excellent waters that hold some nice size perch.

Not many fishermen these days seem to focus their fishing attention towards catching some of the smaller species of fish, such as the perch. The perch is a unique fresh water fish, in the fact that it is a predator but considerably smaller than the average pike. It has unique scalings and a sharp fin that can cut and even kill other fish. You will know if you have caught a perch that it is important to be carefully when handling one to avoid being cut by the top fin. The perch can be found in fresh water lake venues and also in rivers up and down the country.

The current Perch Record in the UK stands at 5lb's and 9 ounches. For those who live in Essex you are lucky to have some excellent waters that hold big perch that are not too far off the British Record. The first of these lakes is The Warren in Stanford le Hope SS17 0EG. A Perch of 4lb 7 ounces was recorded as the lake record in October 2009. This was a few pounds heavier than the previous lake record. Some believe that there are bigger perch still to be caught in these lakes. The Warren Main Lake is well over 25 acres of beauty, with plenty of water to be fished, and plenty of spots for bigger perch to be hiding!

The River Stort
The River Stort

 If perhaps you prefer the river fishing scene when it comes to fishing for perch then you should definately try fishing the River Stort in Essex, which runs through Bishop's Stortford. If you walk along the river bank on a sunny day when the water is clear, you will be able to see some absolutely huge perch. Some believe that this river holds Perch that could outweigh the current British Record.

However us Perch fisherman in Essex are luckier than most because we also have another river in Essex that is also well known for Perch exceeding the 3lb mark. This is the River Roding. Many catches of over 3lb Perch have been reported from this small river. River fishing for perch offers the excitement of the fact that nobody really knows what fish the river holds; whereas we have more of an idea when we fish our lake fishing venues. It makes for an interesting days fishing, and surely it won't be long before we see a new British Record Perch?

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