Best perch lures

Perch that was caught with storm sub wart.
Perch that was caught with storm sub wart.

Perch is a popular panfish and is considered to be very tasty food; the commercial catch for them has always been in high demand.
You can catch perch with lures,worms,maggots,..
Perch is a very strong fish, they don´t grow very big, usually not more than 1,3 kg.
Usually perch are caught with different variety of lures: spinners, spoons, crankbaits, jigs, soft lures...
I have been fishing all my life, I have a lot of experience on fishing, I have used lot of lures.
After much deliberation I have choose the top 3 in my experience and I have also checked the fishing forums.

So here is the TOP 3:

Blue Fox Classic Vibrax
Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

First in the list is Blue Fox Classic Vibrax ,this lure is a true legend trough out fishermen, for perch you should use nr.2 (1/8 oz) and if you can use silver/silver, gold/gold or silver/red.This lure is just perfect for perch.

Sound wave of mepps aglia number 0.
Sound wave of mepps aglia number 0.

Second on the list is The Mepps Aglia spinner, this original french lure is just for perch, if you use nr. 0, using silver color on this lure you will get the best results, when fishing for perch.This lure has got so simple design, you just can´t make a mistake buying this lure for perch.

Last on the list is Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 05,this crankbait is just perfect for perch it has everything what perch will want, this lure will not and can not fail you, if you are catching in perch lake/sea/river.

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david 7 years ago

i find that small grub jigs and i mean small work great

Taylor 6 years ago

This information on perch is wrong, You cannot catch perch in the sea, Naming bread as a perch bait choice is stupidity. no perch in its right mind would take a bread hookbait. Worms, Maggots, Livebait minnows / gudgeon, lures spinners but certainly not bread. apart from this i find the information you have provided to be acurate.

RWBenjamin 6 years ago

Nice little article, I love the lure info for Perch. When I lived along the coast years back we often fished for Perch in the sea, they were Red Tail surf perch. Now I am out in the country here in PA, and am lucky that we have a lot of ponds open to the public on Game Lands. One I know of has some very nice yellow perch. I usually catch them with a small hook and a piece of worm or night crawler. But I have caught perch with a piece of rolled and pressed bread, bologna and even a piece of corn, just drift the bread or corn slowly under a bobber, the movement is what attracts perch.

Ciere 6 years ago

I think you are all right but my very favorite is a

MightyBite a lure can catch all species.

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