Personalized Gifts for Sports Lovers and Fans


Personalized Gifts for Sports Lovers and Fans

Gift buying can be a frustrating activity-- especially for the friend who seems to have everything he needs. You have to consider the unique personality, needs, wants and tastes of the recipient as well as the current trends in gifts giving.

Luckily sports fans are the easiest people to buy gifts for, the average sports fanatic would enjoy almost anything you give them that has their favorite teams logo or favorite players name and number on it. The only things you would have to consider are what the particular sports fan you are buying a gift for likes doing while talking about sports or watching games. Here are a few items that would be ideal for sports fans of different kinds.

A Drink—On You

Whether he likes soft drinks or the hard stuff, an engraved glass is always a great gift because it’s a daily reminder of his favorite team. You can purchase a large mug or a little shot glass, have it emblazed with a favorite team name or logo.

If coffee is more his speed, why not get a coffee mug decorated with a team logo? This is a great asset for a sports fan to have when working—not only can he refill as often as he wants, but no matter how stressful the day he only needs to look down at that mug to remember that last great game and lighten up a little.

Tumblers with team logos are also a great idea, especially for a friend who loves to entertain by throwing game parties, having BBQs or perhaps tailgating. Instead of a single cup, get him a whole set of tumblers with the team logo on it.

Outfit Your Buddy

Whatever her favorite sport is, she can show it off whenever she goes out with personalized sports attire. Get her name printed on a jersey in her favorite team colors—you can even try to find one with the numbers of her favorite player! Top it off with a personalized cap.

A personalized sports pendant will drive your sports fan friend wild—imagine how that will look when they’re getting dressed to go to the big game, or heading out for a super bowl party.

If clothing and jewelry are a little too obvious for her, consider getting a gym bag with her favorite team logo on it. Have her name embroidered along the side. Every time she goes to the gym, that bag will motivate her.


Does your sports fan love his memorabilia collection? There are a lot of personalized things you can help add to it. One highlight of any collection is a personalized ball—you can actually get your favorite picture of your sports fan emblazoned upon a football, basketball or soccer ball. Especially a great gift for kids, this is a keepsake that will be treasured for a long time.

Another great thing for the trophy or collection case is personalized frames or plaques. Has your sports fan met his favorite player, or perhaps you got a great shot of him at the last game? A personalized frame with the team colors and logos is a great way to display it in a collection.

If you think outside of the box, just about anything you can put a name on can be turned into a personalized gift. If it involves sports, your friend will love it.

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