Pittsburgh Steelers’ All-Time Sack Leaders

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a proud NFL franchise that has a winning tradition, including a record six Super Bowl wins in seven appearances.  They have also been known for their defense, such as the “Steel Curtain” days of the ‘70’s.  But with sacks not becoming an official statistic until 1982, we could not include players from that era on this list—which is a short list of the Steelers’ all-time sack leaders to date:

Jason Gildon (77)—Linebacker Jason Gildon played for the Steelers from 1994 to 2003, and he ranks first in the team’s history with 77 sacks.  Gildon had his best season in 2000, when he had a career high 13.5 sacks, along with 4 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries (one for a touchdown), and a career best 58 tackles.

Joey Porter (60)—Linebacker Joey Porter played for the Steelers from 1999 to 2006, and he ranks second in franchise history with 60 sacks.  Porter had a career high 17.5 sacks with Miami in 2008, but his best season in Pittsburgh was arguably 2000.  That year, Porter racked up 10.5 sacks, and had an interception, 2 forced fumbles with 2 recoveries and 1 TD, 43 tackles and one safety. 

Keith Willis (59)—Defensive lineman Keith Willis played in Pittsburgh from 1982 to 1991, and he ranks third in Steelers’ history with 59 sacks.  Willis’ best season was 1983, when he had a career high 14 sacks as well as a fumble recovery. 

Greg Lloyd (53.5)—Linebacker Greg Lloyd played for the Steelers most of his career, from 1988 to 1997, and he ranks fourth in team history with 53.5 sacks.  Lloyd had a career high 10 sacks in 1994, when he was a first team All Pro.  But his best season was arguably 1995.  That year, Lloyd was also a first team All Pro with these gaudy numbers—6.5 sacks, 3 interceptions for 85 yards, 6 forced fumbles, 88 tackles and 28 assists. 

Aaron Smith (44)—Defensive end Aaron Smith has played his entire career in Pittsburgh so far, from 1999 until now as I write this in 2010.  Smith ranks fifth in franchise history with 44 sacks, and his best season was 2004.  That year, Smith made the Pro Bowl with a career high 8 sacks, as well as 1 pass deflected, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 31 tackles and 13 assists.

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