Planet X RT-57 Sram Red Road Bike Review

Planet X RT-57 with Sram Red Groupset (And wheel covers)

Planet X RT-57. Spec'd with Sram Red Groupset and Planet X finishing components
Planet X RT-57. Spec'd with Sram Red Groupset and Planet X finishing components

New for 2012 Carbon Road Bike Review

With so many bike manufacturers on the market it's extremely hard to make a decision of which carbon road bike you should consider riding. Some people like to prestige of a high profile brand like Trek,Pinarello or Colnago, however not everyone can justify the high price you pay alone for a carbon frameset from these high profile marques.

Planet X are a British company that specialises in providing high performance cycling products without the hefty price tag. New for 2012 they have introduced three new models. Their top of the range 'aero' road bike the N2A, A new ultra aerodynamic and slippery time trial machine the Exocet and their all day value road bike, the RT-57. All crafted from carbon fibre and all look to be exceptional value for money.

This bicycle review focuses on the Planet X RT 57 bike.

March 2013 has also seen the launch of the Planet X RT-58 Sportive racing bike. The RT 57 is still part of the company's line up and offers a racier, all-round performance bike than it's new sister, the RT 58.

The Planet X RT 57 Road Bike

Why choose a Planet X RT 57?

Planet X bill their RT 57 as a bike designed for fast riding, sportives and pushing into corners. The frame is extremely chunky and stiff looking thanks to a thickset downtube which merges into a BB30 bottom bracket system coupled with deep chainstays and chunky seat stays.

To the eye this frameset looks designed for a sprinter. The visible bulk of the frame appears that it will assist in power transfer. Carbon fibre bikes have become chunkier over time however comparing this to a five year old carbon fibre frameset I have knocking around my garage ready to go on ebay you can see clear differences in tube profiles. Gone are the relatively thin seatstays and chainstays replaced by chunky stiff deep sections.

Deep Carbon Chainstays

Chunky Chainstays emblazzened with the Planet X Logo on the RT57
Chunky Chainstays emblazzened with the Planet X Logo on the RT57

How does the Planet X RT-57 Ride? The important bit

From the first couple of rides the main quality I would say for this bike is RESPONSIVENESS. As soon as you turn the pedals the response is there. You can feel it and it feels fantastic to have so much of your energy transferred to the drivechain.

The power transfer is definitely aided by the bulk of the bottom bracket area and oversized BB30 Bottom bracket designed for increased stiffness.

Bottom bracket cluster on the Planet X RT-57- Chunky for power transfer

The chunky bottom bracket and downtube give great stiffness and is required to accomodate the BB30 bottom bracket on the Planet X RT-57
The chunky bottom bracket and downtube give great stiffness and is required to accommodate the BB30 bottom bracket on the Planet X RT-57

Cornering and descending

After a number of Criterium style sprints round corners the steering feels precise throwing the bike into corners. The lightweight FSA Vision Trimax wheels feel relatively stiff for throwing around into corners. Even on relatively bumpy corners the fork tracks well and feels that you have control over the road.

The only let down is the Schwalbe Durano tyres which came fitted on the bike. These are more of a long distance training and winter use tyre. A change to a more race worthy rubber would provide additional grip into corners while racing. The Schwalbe Durano's are a great training tyre however when the time comes to really push the limits they may leave you wishing for a touch more grip.

RT-57 Drivechain View- Featuring Sram Red

A view of the Sram Red Drivechain on the Planet X RT-57
A view of the Sram Red Drivechain on the Planet X RT-57

Value for Money

Not everyone can justify the expense of the latest carbon fibre masterpiece by Pinerello or another frame manufacturer that costs upwards of £2000 ($3000 usd). Especially in times of economic uncertainty. Therefore to be able to purchase an equivalent product for a lower price may get some cyclists pulse racing. At £599 for frame, fork and headset this is a Mitsubishi Nanocarbon frameset not to baulk at. The frame is the equavalent to many that other manufacturers charge upwards of £1000 for and therefore in many ways this can be seen as a bargain. By sourcing direct from the manufacturer Planet X can drive down costs for the customer and cut out the middle men such as distribution agents and importers.

Now consider you can have a full race ready bike with an Sram Red Group for a retail price of around £1600 ($2400 usd) which could be considered to be at the level of many high end manufacturers and bikes used by many professional cyclists it'shard not to see the great value that a Planet X RT-57 offers.

Sadly not everyone is looking for value and therefore Planet X won't appeal to all cyclists. Particularly those with an eye for heritage. However those people still need to be aware that there's a likelihood that your fancy Italian Badged carbon frameset was actually made in the far east detracting from the heritage and tradition the buyer craves

The kind of spec you get on a Planet X RT57 although adjustments can be made when ordering

Planet X RT-57
Mistubishi Nanolite Carbon Fibre with BB30 bottom cracket
Mitsubishi Nanolite
Planet X Strada Alloy Oversize 42/44
Planet X CNC (Choice of sizes)
Planet X Supelight Team
Planet X own brand (Looks closely like a Fizik Arione)
Choice of Sram Force or Red
Planet X Ultralight CNC brakeset with Swiss stop pads
Planet X own brand wheelset or FSA Trimax as pictured above

What you don't get when you buy a road bike- Pedals

Surprisingly in many cases when you buy a road bike you don't get a set of pedals to ride it. While this may seem strange to some people to a cyclist this makes sense as there are many different pedals systems on the marketplace all of which seem to use different cleat types and therefore it's best for the rider to choose their particular pedal types wisely.

For this review the Planet X RT57 has been fitted with a set of Ritchey WCS Echelon V2 Road Pedals which utilise the same cleat system as Look's popular Keo variety and are rated as highly in many reviews.

Ritchey WCS Echelon V2 Pedals

Ritchey WCS Echelon V2 Road Pedals on Sram Red Cranks fitted to Planet X RT-57
Ritchey WCS Echelon V2 Road Pedals on Sram Red Cranks fitted to Planet X RT-57

Looking for a great value road racing or sportive bike

Get yourself a Planet X RT-57 and if you fancy heading to the Planet X Rotherham Showroom follow the map below.

Happy cycling

Planet X Rotherham Showroom

A markerS60 1FE -
Planet X Rotherham, South Yorkshire S60 1FE, UK
[get directions]

The Planet X Showroom. Follow the signs for Magna Rotherham

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CyclingFitness 4 years ago from Nottingham UK Author

Thanks michifus- yes they are definitely a delicious bike. I wouldn't want to try eating carbon fibre however.

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yummy! I want one

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